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Yoga kneels for 30 seconds every day to nourish the stomach, treat low back pain and protect the knee joints, so that the feet are no longer

In ancient times, people generally knelt down to talk, or knelt down to read, eat, rest, etc., and the physical condition of the ancients was very good.

Kneeling means kneeling with both legs and buttocks on the feet.

At this time, the spine is in a natural state, and the lumbar spine is not particularly stressed.

The dorsal muscles can play a normal role and maintain stability.

For many people, kneeling is a very painful thing.

In fact, kneeling is a posture where the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Kneeling is also a kind of exercise, which has many benefits for our body and waist.

  Kneel down for 30 seconds every day    Prevent diseases, nourish the body and also nourish the heart 1.

Nourish the stomach and help the stomach detoxify.

The stomach is the largest digestive organ of the human body and has the functions of storing, transporting and digesting food.

Therefore, kneeling in the morning, practicing abdominal breathing and adhering to it every day can promote blood circulation in the stomach, improve metabolism and enhance the digestive capacity of the stomach.


Kneeling for the treatment of low back pain is very nourishing and can effectively treat low back pain, because most of the causes of low back pain are abnormal spine and poor blood circulation.

This situation can be improved as long as we kneel for 30 seconds every morning.


Prevention and treatment of knee arthritis, straight kneeling can prevent and treat knee arthritis.

The practice is to kneel on the bed to practice kneeling after getting up in the morning or before going to bed at night.

When kneeling, keep your waist upright, sit back with your arms and touch the back of your feet as much as possible.


Protect your feet, drive out the cold, take a slipper and pad your knees after dinner, kneel there, hold the sofa, straighten your waist and watch TV, your stomach will feel much better.

In addition, walking on your knees also has the function of “leading blood down”, which can be done with knee pads.

The foot is far away from the heart and the blood supply is relatively insufficient.

When walking on knees, the blood is easy to flow to the knees, and the blood supply to the foot will be sufficient, especially for women with cold hands and feet.

Of course, it is not recommended for patients with lower limb bone diseases.


Relieve knee pain, dredge meridians and activate collaterals.

When we kneel down, we can massage Dubi point.

This point can effectively alleviate knee pain, lower limb paralysis, adverse flexion and extension and beriberi, and can dredge meridians and activate collaterals, dredge wind, dissipate cold, regulate qi and reduce swelling.


Kneeling can calm the mind and cultivate the body and mind.

Therefore, kneeling when upset can relieve the mood.

Some friends who are difficult to calm down can try kneeling.

Kneel down correctly “three sit” 1.

Lotus sit lotus sit should be regarded as the most symbolic posture in yoga asana.

It is an extremely peaceful posture, which is very suitable for meditation practice.

It can help you relax your body and concentrate on meditation practice.

For male friends, this sitting position may be a little difficult; But for female friends, their innate flexible physique determines that “lotus sitting” is their most real choice.

Practice: (1) sit upright and straighten your legs forward.

Bend the right leg and put the right leg on the left thigh with the center of the foot facing up.

(2) Bend up your left leg and put your left leg on your right thigh with the center of your foot facing up.

(3) Straighten your back, tighten your chin, and keep the tip of your nose in line with your navel.

Efficacy: activate hip, knee and ankle.

Increasing the blood supply to the head and chest area helps to make people’s physical and mental peace and stability and enhance concentration.

When sitting in lotus, the blood flow in the lower part of the body slows down because the legs are tightly folded, which makes it easier to keep a clear mind and concentrate.

At the same time, this sitting position can concentrate blood on the lower abdomen, nourish internal organs and reproductive organs, and make the lower legs and ankles soft and slender.

For women over the age of 30, the weakness of pelvic bones and the functional degradation of organs in the pelvic cavity are becoming more and more obvious.

At this time, it is also very meaningful to choose lotus sitting.

Note: incomplete rotation of the thigh bone will lead to compression of the meniscus and excessive extension of the lateral collateral ligament.

Long term incorrect practice will lead to pain inside and outside the knee joint and instability of the whole joint.


This sitting posture is the best one in yoga.

  The best seat has the effect of calming the mind and helping to prepare for meditation.

It is suitable for breathing practice and meditation practice.

Physiologically, the best sitting can nourish and enhance the lower part of the spine and abdominal organs.

The nervous system is tranquilized and the blood circulation in the pelvic region is fully supplied.

It can relieve knee stiffness, prevent rheumatism and help the Qi of life rise.

Prevent and eliminate the stiffness and rigidity of both knees and ankles.

  Methods: (1) sit on the cushion, straighten the left leg forward, and bend the right leg inward close to the perineum.

Straighten your back, adjust your breathing, and hold your bent legs with both hands.

(2) Bend the left leg and put it on the ankle of the right leg, and the bottom plate of the left foot is placed between the thigh and lower leg of the right leg.

Adjust your breathing and put your fingers on your knees.

Note: people with sciatica or sacral infection should not do this position.


Vajra sitting Vajra sitting is the abbreviation of “Vajra sitting”, also known as “knot sitting”.

Efficacy: Vajra sitting can well help digestion, help lower body blood circulation, and effectively prevent rheumatic joint lesions.

This is also a posture to restore body vitality and energy, which can enhance the sense of balance and stability of the body.

Practice: Kneel with knees together; Sit your hips on the heels of your feet; Relax the shoulders, tighten the chin and straighten the waist and back; Put your hands flat on your thighs; Keep breathing smoothly.

At any time, you should develop the “three sitting” into a compulsory pose before going to bed every night (about 10 minutes each time).

When you form a habit, you will feel a sense of fullness from the bottom of your heart.

This is a sense of happiness intertwined with body, heart and spirit.

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