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Get 9 Yoga shoulder poses, you are the “clothes rack” for walking!

  Having a perfect shoulder line can make your temperament more outstanding and become a clothes rack for people to walk in the crowd.

However, due to long-term desk work or low head playing with mobile phones, 80% of people have shoulder and neck problems, resulting in more and more stiff shoulder joints and thicker back, which not only affects your health, but also greatly affects your temperament…

Don’t worry, today’s Xiaobian will share 9 Yoga shoulder opening poses, Improve the round shoulder hunchback and return your girl’s shoulders to become a walking “clothes rack”.


Sit in the cow faced hero, hold your hands flat on the side, rotate your right arm outward, bend your elbow upward, rotate your left arm inward, and extend the spine along the spine.

Relax your shoulders, keep 8 breaths, and change your opposite hands.

You can’t cross buckle.


Lie on your back with shoulders open, sit and bend your knees, Put your feet together, put the second step of the Yoga brick under the thoracic vertebra, put the other brick directly under the head, unfold the chest, bend your elbows and naturally fall on both sides.


Bend forward + buckle your hands, stand in the mountain style, inhale with ten fingers behind your hands, extend the spine, retract your shoulder blades, exhale, bend forward and downward, find your legs with the tip of your nose, keep your hands away from your hips, and keep 8 breaths.


Prepare for the heart melting four corner kneeling posture, inhale with the instep close to the ground, and extend the spine, Exhale with both hands straight forward, bend forward and downward, chest and chin close to the ground, hip right above the knee, and toes of people with poor knees step on the ground.


Kneeling spine twist and melt the heart to exit, inhale with the left hand, extend the right arm to the upper right, exhale through the lower part of the body, palm up, right shoulder close to the middle line of the body, left hand straight forward, fingertips support and keep 8 breaths, and change the opposite side 6 Downward dog kneeling at four corners, lift the hip up to the downward dog, compact the finger heel, rotate the forearm inward, rotate the big arm outward, press the armpit, extend the spine, relax the shoulders and neck, tighten the core, and keep the abdomen close to the thighs.


Dolphin downward dog, bend the elbows and the palm close to the ground, compact the cushion surface with the forearm, lift the hip up, stretch the legs straight forward, relax the neck at the limit, step down on the core with the heel, and keep 8 breaths.

8 Camel kneel with feet hip width apart     Hold your hips with both hands, inhale in your elbows, extend your chest, stretch your shoulders back, exhale, push your hips forward, bend your body back, and grasp your heels with both hands   , Head in spinal cord extension    Keep 8 breaths    9.

8-character twist supine, left arm side flat, palm on the ground, right hand push on the ground, body twist to the left, side face on the ground, right foot on the left side of the body, right hand support on the ground, right shoulder abduction, keep 8 breaths, change the opposite side, open the shoulder for a while, and always open the shoulder for a while.

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