The five yoga movements that nourish the uterus change dramatically after 30 days of practice!

What should women do to keep the uterus in good condition? Let’s introduce five yoga movements, which can not only nourish the uterus, but also strengthen the function of the kidney.

Practice quickly!                 01 plow posture efficacy:              Massage abdominal organs, improve digestive system, bend spine, promote blood circulation, relieve headache, shoulder and elbow stiffness, low back pain, back joints and stomach pain caused by wind cold, stimulate intestines, eliminate gastric distention and correct irregular menstruation                PS: if your feet can’t turn over, you can ask your partner to help yo ~ 02 cat stretching posture effect: fully stretch your back, legs and shoulders, improve blood circulation, have a good conditioning effect on dysmenorrhea and menstrual disorders, increase physical flexibility and have a certain waist slimming effect PS: if your lumbar spine is too painful, please don’t practice Oh ~ 03 half moon posture effect: move your hip and knee to stretch leg muscles, Beautify the leg lines, exercise the body’s balance ability and focus on PS: when doing the last action, if you can’t lift your legs higher, or your arms can’t form a straight line perpendicular to the ground, let the coach hold your forearm and calf with your hands to help you better complete the exercise.

04 beam angle pose efficacy: move the hip and knee joints, accelerate the blood circulation in the pelvic area and remove the uterine garbage PS: pay attention to the stability of the sciatic bone and don’t shake back and forth.

Yoga [Yoga] a yoga video tutorial every day teaches you to learn yoga easily and achieve better yourself! The official account 05: the sitting angle type body function: fully open the hip joint, let the pelvis nourish and stretch the leg muscles, beautify the leg lines and extend the spine.

Beautify the back line PS: if you can’t do it, don’t force yourself.

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