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2 sets of spine conditioning yoga to relieve back pain and make the spine younger!

Long term sedentary work or playing with mobile phones will unconsciously bend down and lead to waist and back discomfort.

At this time, it is more and more suitable to regulate the spine with yoga.

Share 2 sets of Yoga sequences.

Spend 10 minutes practicing relaxation every day, which can effectively relieve low back pain and make your spine healthier.

The action is simple and practical.

You can practice at home! 2 sets of Yoga sequences for spine ↓ 1, simple sitting, simple sitting posture, cross at half of the lower legs, close your eyes, lengthen your back and head, put your hands on your knees as smart fingerprints for 2 minutes 2, stretch your back, this action can deepen your breathing, massage your abdominal organs to inhale, cross your hands, lift your head up, raise your head, straighten your chest, lengthen your spine, exhale, roll your back and lower your head, Slightly retract the chin, push the arm straight forward and extend, and dynamically repeat 8 groups 3.

Extend the side waist simple sitting posture, extend the breath with both hands, bend the body to the left, support the ground with the left fingertip, keep the right big arm close to the ear and lengthen the right waist for 1 minute, change sides 4.

Reverse the simple sitting posture, inhale, lift both hands up over the head and exhale, twist the body to the left, support the left hand behind the hip, and put the right hand on the left knee, As each breath deepens, twist and hold for 1 minute, change sides 5, cat cow four corner kneeling posture, inhale, raise your head and extend your chest, exhale, roll your back and arch your back to keep your spine extending step by step, 10 groups of dynamic exercises 6, dog posture starts from four corner kneeling posture, keep your hips above your knees, walk forward with both hands, and fall down to your chest for 1 minute 7, baby kneeling posture, The knees are slightly wider than the hips, the hips sit back to the heels, the body bends forward, the arms extend forward, let the body completely relax and stay for 3-5 minutes.

The second set 1, the Sphinx prone, the forearms support the ground, the legs separate the elbows and vertical shoulders, inhale and extend the chest, maintain 8 breaths.

2, the needle type four corner kneeling position, keep the hips above the knees, and pass the right arm through the left armpit, The right shoulder falls to the ground, the left hand is extended forward or placed on the hip to keep 8 breaths, and the other side is changed.


In the seal prone position, slowly lift the elbow off the ground from the Sphinx pose, straighten the arm, slightly lower the head, relax the throat and neck to keep 8 breaths.


Lie on the back, twist the spine, lie on the back, bend the elbow and arm in a T-shape, cross exhale on the upper legs, twist to the right for 1 minute, and change to the opposite side 5, Support the bridge supine, bend your knees, exhale with your heels close to your hips, put the brick on the sacrum with your hips upward, and put your hands on your lower abdomen for 2 minutes..

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