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Six yoga moves can effectively shape the whole body and improve sleep! (recommended collection!)

  The following six yoga movements, practiced 3-5 times a week, can not only lose weight and shape, but also improve sleep! 01 half way back rotation the upper body of the human body mainly depends on the back support.

Practicing this action can strengthen the stability of the waist and back core and pelvis, strengthen the abdominal strength, inhale, and stretch the head, neck and spine upward; Exhale, tilt the pelvis later, contract the abdomen, and slowly bend the spine backward to form a “C” shape; Inhale, restore.

It can be repeated 5 ~ 8 times.

Change the position of your hands: your hands can be stretched forward at the same height as your shoulders; Change the position of the leg: straighten one leg knee during spinal flexion; Auxiliary equipment: use elastic belt.

02 how to reduce the fat on the belly when marching? Practicing this yoga can have such an effect.

The main function is to tighten the waist and abdomen core and strengthen the stability of the waist and basin and the coordination and control of the body.

Inhale and lift one leg off the ground until the thigh is perpendicular to the ground and the included angle of the knee remains unchanged; Exhale, slowly restore, and then exchange the other leg.

It can be repeated 6 ~ 8 times on both sides.

03 lie flat on the mat with one leg circle, put your hands on both sides of your body, and keep your toes straight; Raise your left leg to the ceiling and straighten your right leg along your body line; Rotate the raised leg, feel that the leg is pulled high from the hip to the ceiling, then start to circle, repeat 5 times, and then reverse 5 times.

04 tiger type mobile inhalation, bend the right leg into 90 degrees, lift the right leg vertically to the sky, exhale and stretch the foot, drive the knee to retract the arch back and lower the head with abdominal strength, and flow for 2 to 3 rounds; Inhale, straighten your knees, exhale, put down your insteps and hips, and sit back and relax.

05 latch kneel on the mat, hook your toes, extend your right foot to the right, and keep in line with your left knee; Inhale, hold your hands flat, exhale, hold your right hand against the middle of your right leg, and the inner side of your left hand against your left ear.

Inhale to lengthen your back, exhale to sink your shoulders, and keep your ears away from your shoulders; Keep breathing, inhale, bring your left hand back to the right, retract your right foot, and exhale to relax.


Lie on your side with your legs raised, your body in a straight line, and your side is vertical to the floor; Inhale, lift your legs up, exhale and put them down…

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