8 classic yoga poses most suitable for beginners!

Yoga is a step-by-step process.

It’s really important to start simply and correctly.

Today, let’s share 8 Yoga beginner poses to help you practice yoga safely and effectively, and quickly find the sense of ease of practice.


Stand in a tree style, shift the weight of the body onto the left foot, lift the right leg on the inner side of the left leg, inhale, the palms close together, the spine extends, and maintain 8 breaths.

The benefits of changing sides: improve balance and concentration.


Lie on the dog’s back with both feet hip width apart, feet back on the ground, bend the elbows, put both hands on both sides of the chest, inhale on the forehead, pinch the ribs with the elbows, push the palms to the ground, and exhale from the chest section by section, Sink the shoulders and maintain 5-8 breathing benefits: eliminate excess fat on the shoulders and back and flexible spine.

3 down dog pose starts from the up dog pose, hook the toes back to inhale, push both hands to the ground, exhale from the sitting bone, straighten the knees, extend the back of the legs, extend the shoulders and back, and maintain 5-8 breathing benefits: modify the whole body lines and inject vitality into the spine.

4 triangle stand, with the feet about one leg long and the left foot 90 degrees outward, Inhale from the left heel to the right arch, extend the spine, hold both hands flat, exhale, bend to the left, support the left hand on the ground, and extend the right hand upward to maintain 8 breaths.

The benefits of changing sides: stretch both sides of the waist to eliminate excess fat in the waist.


The Warrior II starts from the triangle pose, take a small step backward from the right leg to exhale, bend the left knee and leg 90 °, hold both hands flat, turn your head and look at the left fingertip to maintain 8 breaths, Benefits of changing sides: Lean waist, adjust posture and establish leg strength.


The side angle pose starts from the Warrior II pose, bend the body to the left, support the left hand on the inner side of the left foot or on the left thigh, and keep the right arm close to the ear over the head for 8 breaths.

The benefits of changing sides: activate the strength of both legs, stretch both sides of the waist, and start from the side angle pose, take a small step forward on the right leg, and support the left hand in front, Lift the right leg backward and upward, open the chest to the right, keep 8 breaths in a straight line with the upper and lower arms, and switch sides: promote blood circulation of both legs, improve balance and concentration.

8 supine twist supine, bend your knees close to the abdomen, exhale to the right, and keep your knees on the right for 1 minute.

Switch sides: relax the lower back and massage the spine.

These 8 yoga postures are simple and effective, Suitable for beginners, practice two or three groups every day.

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