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Practice sitting yoga before going to bed and make you beautiful on the second day!

Today, I will introduce a set of bedtime yoga three times a week for 10 minutes each time.

If you stick to it, you will see the effect.

Oh ~ 01 – simple sitting and breath regulation effect: ① sitting cross is conducive to the health of hips, knees and ankles; ② The regulation of deep breathing helps to relax the body, calm the mood and enhance the function of the nervous system.

How to do it: simply sit cross legged, press your left foot under your right foot, straighten your back and slightly retract your jaw to ensure that your head, neck and trunk are in a straight line.

Take a deep breath and adjust until you breathe gently.


Side stretching effect of sitting posture: what to do to relax the waist and shoulders: simply sit, lift the left hand and put it in the ear, put the right hand on the side of the body, inhale and exhale, slowly extend to the right, ensure that the shoulders relax, maintain 2-3 breaths, and practice left-right balance.

03 sitting arm stretching effect: how to stretch shoulders and arms: simply sit, cross your hands with ten fingers, inhale, point your palms upward to the sky, exhale, continue to push your arms up, push your shoulders forward, slightly lift your jaw, and maintain 2-3 breaths.

04 sitting posture back extension effect: how to relax the back and the back of the neck: simply sit, raise your hands in the front of the body, cross your palms, hold them relatively, inhale and exhale, push your arms forward, push your back back, relax your head forward, look at the abdominal direction with your eyes, and maintain 2-3 breaths.

05 sitting posture spinal torsion effect: relax the waist, massage the internal organs and increase the flexibility of the spine.

What to do: simply sit, hold the knee of the right leg with the left hand, put the right hand back easily, inhale, raise the spine on the top of the head, exhale, twist the body and look back, maintain 2-3 breaths and practice left-right balance.

06 Butterfly Effect: massage the internal organs to make the lower limbs more flexible.

What to do: sit upright, bend the legs, keep the soles of the feet opposite, cross the fingers of both hands, grasp the forepaws of the feet, inhale, keep the spine straight up, exhale, knees to the side, slowly close to the ground on both sides, and maintain 2-3 breaths.

07 Swan sleeping position efficacy: stretch your hips and legs and relax your spine.

What to do: simply sit, straighten your left leg back, try to keep your feet and knees facing the floor, inhale, straighten your chest and lower jaw, exhale, lie down slowly forward, and put your arms naturally below your forehead.

If you can push the right leg forward slightly, increase the range, ensure that the right foot hooks the toe, and the hip is always pressed down horizontally, maintain 2-5 breaths, and practice left-right balance.

08 ― infantile efficacy: relax the whole body, give more oxygen to the brain and relax the nerves.

What to do: kneel down, inhale, put your hands flat on the floor forward, exhale, sit your hips back, find your heels as much as possible, relax and sink your head and shoulders, land your forehead on the ground, and keep breathing for 3-5 hours.


Effect of breath regulating meditation: more deeply adjust breathing and relax body and mind! How to do it: you can also use a supine relaxed sleeping position instead.

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