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Female maintenance yoga is more suitable for women

Yoga is suitable for everyone, but not all asanas are suitable for everyone.

For example, everyone’s physical ability, breathing ability and physical age are different.

There are also great differences in flexibility, strength, needs and personality between men and women.

What kind of yoga is suitable for women? Let’s look at the basic characteristics of women.


Being angry and natural.

Sensible women leave their grievances to themselves and unconsciously transfer them to their shoulders, chest and uterus.

Ignorant women also love to be angry.

They wanted to be spoiled and fake angry.

If they were not satisfied with a little thing, they became really angry, and the damage to their body is the same.


Don’t move.

Women who run a family are tired and half dead every day by family chores.

Career women are overwhelmed by work every day.

In modern society, most women live like big brothers.

They not only have to work to make money to support their family, but also be responsible for their beauty, but also do housework and take care of their children.

They are so tired that people don’t want to move any more.


Love sweets.

People who love sweets know that delicious dessert can bring short-term happiness to the body.

It can relieve the body’s stress temporarily.

Most of these types of women are in a weak state.

If we just blindly choose strength practice, our body will only become weaker and weaker.


The uterus is generally cold.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of health, 200000 women die of gynecological diseases every year.

General gynecological diseases begin with palace cold.

Palace cold is not a disease, but a symptom.

Due to the lack of female kidney yang, the uterus is cold.

What are the symptoms of Gong Han? 1.

The waist is as thick as the hip.


The hands and feet are cold.




There are blood clots during the menstrual period.


The small belly under the navel can’t be reduced.


The leucorrhea is clear and thin, with peculiar smell.


The waist is sour, the waist is cold.


The sex is cold.

In 19 years, we spent more than 90000 hours and developed a series of courses aimed at women, Yoga combined with traditional Chinese medicine is used to practice for most women’s palace cold, so as to improve the symptoms of women’s palace cold.

One of the methods of female maintenance yoga practice is dredging.

There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine that “all people with cancer have blocked meridians“     The obstruction of the calf and meridians is not necessarily cancer, but it must be difficult and complicated.

For example, psoriasis, vitiligo, ichthyosis, compulsive spondylitis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, diabetes, lady’s palace cold, dysmenorrhea, ovarian cyst, uterine fibroids, endometrial thickness, menstruation and so on, are all directly related to the obstruction of the calf meridians.

   Two, observe the symptoms through the leg shape and fleshy.


when the leg is bigger, the foot and wrist are fine for family history diabetes symptoms.

When the symptoms of diabetes are about to appear, the legs will appear acid, hemp, swelling, and three symptoms.


When the leg belly is as thick as the ankle, it indicates a family history of blood glucose symptoms.


If the ankle is particularly thick, it is a family history of three high symptoms (hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia) 4.

When there is fat on the inner side of the leg and wrist, it indicates the problem of breast and gynecology.

Because the inner side of the leg and wrist is the part of the liver meridian, and the liver meridian passes through the main gynecology of the breast, the long fat on the inner side of the leg and wrist represents the problem of gynecology or breast.


The long fat on the knee eye of the leg indicates that there is a problem with the knee joint, which is generally manifested as pain in the knee joint, difficulty in going upstairs, etc.


The presence of meat in the groin will not only cause big pain Fat on the inside of the legs can also cause pelvic effusion in women.


The presence of fat on the outside of the thigh indicates that the gallbladder meridian is blocked, and the appearance and interior of the liver and gallbladder will cause women to be angry.

  Let’s break the cocoon and become a butterfly.

The dream of Yoga starts here..

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