2021 | RYT 200 hours zero basic yoga instructor training (early bird reservation in November)

Even though some people get the effect after practice from yoga postures, they can’t refer to yoga philosophy in detail.

Those practitioners who have been satisfied externally constantly seek inner sublimation, which undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements for yoga practice.

Whether you are a beginner or an old Yoga bird, you should give yourself a complete and systematic yoga philosophy and basic yoga skill training, so as to avoid detours in the future practice, reduce the probability of injury and improve faster.

Environment maybe you can practice many asanas, but you still stand still and can’t break through.

Maybe you have practiced yoga for many years but can’t understand the root of yoga.

Maybe you don’t have any practice experience.

It’s time to improve your skills and mind.

You can get the ryt200 certificate after graduating from the rys200 certification College of the American Yoga Alliance.

The American Yoga Alliance was founded in 1982, It is the world’s authoritative yoga training institution.

The alliance convened authoritative Yoga professionals in the United States and even the world to formulate international certified yoga teacher training standards after unified discussion, research and summary of the training systems of various genres.

This standard is authoritative and scientific, and has been recognized by many yoga colleges.

American Yoga union teacher certification is implemented through its certified professional yoga college.

Its certificate has been recognized and widely adopted by the international yoga community and has become an international pass for yoga teaching.

Yoga teachers holding this certificate can win the trust and favor of Yoga institutions all over the world.

Participating in this yoga coach training, we can give you practical teaching, scientific course arrangement, correct practice method, correct Sanskrit chanting, orthodox philosophy theory, accurate anatomy course, perfect employment help, effective entrepreneurship help, authoritative certificate, free retraining opportunity, healthy accommodation environment, comprehensive and detailed supporting services, away from the noisy learning environment in the city, which has been awarded by the government AAA scenic spot campus, a fashionable, healthy and free job, a healthy career will never be eliminated by the times.

Enrollment object 1.

Whether you have practice experience or teaching experience  /  Coaches who need to improve their teaching level.


Good conduct, dedication and optimistic attitude.

Training objectives: graduates can serve as yoga teachers, personal coaches and healthy guides in professional yoga halls.

Graduation teaching ability, major courses of Hatha Yoga and private courses of Yoga physiotherapy, Bikram high temperature Yoga course diploma American Yoga League ryt200 Yoga Instructor Certificate syllabus the traditional 200 hour training course is single, boring and rote, which is easy to close the students’ thinking.

According to the ryt200 hour training carefully designed by the national international Yoga Alliance, the course is rich and diversified, practical and easy to learn, and establishes the students’ ability of multi-faceted thinking and self-learning.

Science and traditional teaching are safer and more effective.

Experiential teaching, learning and teaching, and teaching with heart.

The most rigorous training and learning method is easier to cut into this era.

In the one-stop training content practice course, you will learn how to scientifically and safely arrange the sequence of different difficult postures, various topics, course arrangement, depth and accurate understanding of the practice skills, benefits, efficacy and variants of all postures.

About the physiotherapy of common physical pain, such as shoulder and neck problems, How to improve the oral expression ability, make the speech clearer and more accurate, how to design a variety of correct Sanskrit chanting and Sanskrit name and password for personal practice, private teaching courses, group teaching and so on, how to arrange courses, and how to build safe posture correction at the beginning, middle and end of the course The skills and techniques of correcting the body can interpret the posture more accurately from a scientific point of view   How to deal with injuries and students’ special needs    Complete Bikram high temperature Yoga   In the yoga philosophy course, you will learn the theoretical knowledge of Yoga classics, including Yoga Sutra and hatha light Yoga psychology Yoga origin and development history yoga teaching Ayurvedic theory Yoga five elements Yoga psychology Yoga nutrition Yoga eight branch yoga three pulse seven wheel Yoga classification human meridian yoga and physiological anatomy Yoga common joint anatomy and pathology and training principles (including sports taboos) In the practical course of the respiratory control method of anatomy of major systems of human body, you will learn yoga respiratory control methods, such as yoga cleaning methods such as wujiayi breathing and holy light breathing, such as Nirvana method, shangka method, one point gaze method and other yoga bandha methods, such as perineal bandha method Yoga teaching skills such as abdominal contraction are teaching skills for students of different levels, expression skills of password: control and adjustment of tone, sound speed and tone classroom atmosphere, art painting of body demonstration, yoga villain classroom precautions, etc.

in depth study more than 100 kinds of reduced or advanced variants of postures for beginners and experienced practitioners..

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