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[Chinese general ruchan] the fourth place of the yogi’s theory of land for practical practice 0303

[Chinese general is like Zen]   The fourth place of the yogi’s theory of earth     There is no place to look for     0303 – some people in the Qianyuan Dynasty went to worship the Buddha or find a powerful guru.

The purpose is not to believe in the Buddha, but to ask for their own suffering and selfish desires in life through the guru.

In fact, when you salute, the guru may not see you at all.

Why are you too far away from the guru’s clean heart? What’s more, you don’t think that you are a pile of garbage in life and are not qualified to contact the guru, because you are a blessing seeker The guru is a person who seeks the Tao.

The way he takes is different.

The guru will not change his state of mind because of worldly things.

Happiness and worry, gain and loss are not in his state of mind.

Everything is to listen to his destiny and build his heart.

The true cultivation starts from now   Asked Wudang, one of the mythological novels of “China is like Zen” [23] – on the way up the mountain, Emperor qianyuanzi, a disciple of the Qianyuan Dynasty, saw a big Taoist standing in front of him.

His innate energy filled his whole body and his eyes were bright.

Emperor qianyuanzi recalled that this was his innate ancestor – “Taoist Chiang”.

  Taoist Chiang went to qianyuanzi and said, “I can’t fight you.

We’ve fought for twenty or thirty years, and I haven’t fought you.”   Just then, a thick voice came from the air and said, “I’ve fought, but you haven’t convinced each other for decades, but you’re still a family.”   Qian Yuanzi looked at the guru carefully.

It turned out that he was the ancestor of “Huashan” among his many gurus.

  As soon as the voice fell, there was a messy sound of footsteps in the distance, and a very magnetic voice behind his ear said, “I have to forgive people, and forgive people…

Why? I have been chasing qianyuanzi for decades?”   Qianyuanzi looked back and saw that it was the ancestor of “Tieguai Li”.

Before he came to salute in a hurry, a golden light flashed in front of him.

Qianyuanzi looked at his congenital leader’s ancestor – “Antarctic Fairy”.

The fairy smiled kindly and told, “disciple, you have to change your temper and character in the future.

It’s too tough…”   “Isn’t this the” Taoist priest Jiang “who was naive in Mount Tai?” the fairy asked jokingly.

  Knowing Xianweng’s intention, Taoist Chiang looked at qianyuanzi and said, “why don’t you go to Zhenyi cave with me? Meet the guru.

I should give you what I should give you…”   I saw all the Eight Immortals in the distance come together.

Tie Guai Li fell to one side, carried the wine gourd and said to heaven: “what should be solved will always be solved…

What kind of results have you two fought back and forth in recent decades? The disciples failed to practice successfully and delayed inheritance.

What’s the meaning?”   Qian Yuanzi finished the ceremony and said, “you are born big.

I’ll make amends for you.

Because of my strong temperament, I disagree with you and have different opinions on teaching congenital skills.

I’ll admit a mistake here.

I’ll go to the real hole with you…”   Taoist priest Jiang went to qianyuanzi and said, “I have a bad temper.

Let’s go back first and then…”   The Antarctic fairy was leaning on a crutch and said with a smile, “don’t talk about him or you.

You two have something in common.”   LV Zu came out and said, “my temper is similar to you two.

Let him pass the past…”   Qianyuanzi said goodbye to the gurus, followed Taoist Chiang step by step out of the immortal search map and came to the Zhenyi cave in Mount Tai.

  Qianyuanzi followed Jiang Daochang into the cave.

After giving gifts to the leader, Jiang Daochang said, “I brought him back…”   The master looked at Qian Yuanzi and said nothing.

He lowered his head and took out a package from under the seat.

The cloth was very exquisite and said, “needless to say, I’ll give you everything today.

I don’t want you two to fight again…”   The master master skillfully opened the package.

It turned out that there were all qianyuanzi’s magic tools inside.

He saw the master’s right hand gently lift up, and the magic tools in the package soar into the air.

Then his right hand waved forward, and all the magic tools returned to qianyuanzi.

Qianyuanzi recovered all his magic power in an instant.

He was very happy in his heart, and quickly bent his knees and arched his hands, To the master, he said: “I am also very willful and have different opinions on inheritance.

Over the years, I also have the responsibility and feel very guilty.

I will do a better job in inheritance in the future.

This year, I take a year to hope that my disciples can develop martial arts, inherit their innate Kung Fu, and ask the master for more help.

Taoist Chiang, you also help me…”   After hearing this, Taoist Chiang shook his head and said, “then again, I’m also your senior brother.

Even if I’m a fellow disciple, I should unite.

I’m just not convinced of you…

I’ve done something wrong.”   The master came down from the hall with a smile, grabbed Taoist Chiang’s hand with one hand and qianyuanzi’s hand with the other, and said: “I think you two shake hands and make peace.

It’s not easy to practice your innate Kung Fu, but it’s very high and requires high quality of disciples.

Now the external environment is bad, the sect is competitive, and fewer and fewer people really practice Kung Fu.

You should unite sincerely and contribute more to xiantianmen…”   Taoist Chiang replied, “don’t worry, master.

I’ll take Qian Yuanzi to” Yu Shuwang “to deal with the altar position and the problems between them.

  The master nodded and said, “you two go…”   Jiang Daochang took qianyuanzi to Yu Shuwang’s altar and found a fox fairy and a snake fairy guarding the incense burner.

Jiang Daochang said to them, “you have helped a lot over the years.

Now, qianyuanzi and I have made up as before.

I hope you won’t bother him again in the future…”   The two immortals came forward to salute and said, “in the future, we won’t make trouble there.

Since you and Taoist priest Jiang are a family, we will only maintain the Taoist temple and won’t make trouble again.”   After hearing this, Qian Yuanzi took out two gold talismans from his arms, directly pushed them to the two outer immortals, hit them, and said, “I also restore your skills today.

In the future, I hope you two can protect the altar of our school well, which is also your merit.”   The two immortals bowed their hands and said, “thank you, Mr.

Chen!”   Taoist Chiang said to qianyuanzi, “let’s go to the congenital camp and meet all the gurus…”   “OK…” qianyuanzi replied.

  Jiang Daochang took Qian Yuanzi to the southeast military camp.

At the gate of the military camp stood a big general.

Qian Yuanzi looked carefully.

It turned out to be “Wen Qiong”, general Wen.

  They went forward.

General Wen looked at them in surprise and asked, “aren’t you two playing very well?! why are you here together today?”   Taoist Chiang looked back at qianyuanzi, smiled and said, “it’s very difficult to inherit now.

We’re ready to shake hands and make peace, regardless of past grievances! Take the following disciples together and do a good job in the inheritance behind us.

He begged Marshal Wen to report inside, and we came to meet the” camp leader “…”   Knowing the reason, general Wen turned and entered the tent.

After a while, he came out and bowed his hands and preached, “the king of heaven, please!”   Qianyuanzi followed Jiang Daochang into the camp.

He saw the generals of the thunder Department standing around the gods.

In the middle, King Li, the four heavenly kings, immortal Taiyi and Prince Nezha, as well as the God of Mount Tai and general Wu Lei were present..

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