8 yoga classes for VIMI supermodel

Daga, the rumor shredder girl is online again! Many sisters around me gave up on weight loss because they thought that even if they lost weight, they couldn’t have the same body shape as a Weimi model, so they gave up.

I don’t think we have found the right way.

Let’s take a look at the stories of my old sisters: @ Liu Xue, a housewife, lost 8 kilograms a month and got married for 8 years.

As a mother who had two children, she always felt that she was in good shape until she attended the classmate party.

At the party, I saw my high school roommate who I hadn’t seen for many years.

The former fat girl is now slim.

What shocked me most is that she is already the mother of three children! Look at yourself.

Although you are not fat, the fat on your waist, abdomen, thighs and buttocks is still loose.

Suddenly, you feel that you have always been too low on yourself.

After a month of yoga training, I did it at home every day according to the teacher’s steps.

Unexpectedly, my stomach is now flat and my thighs are tight.

I feel that the whole person has become refined and my husband loves me more@ Bella, one-child mothers lose 30 kg a month.

I heard it was terrible to have children before.

On the contrary, there was almost no pregnancy reaction during the whole pregnancy, and it was OK to have children.

In short, it was not as scary as others said.

However, I was not driven crazy by production.

I was completely driven crazy by the deformation of my postpartum body! I’ve never been fat.

My postpartum from more than 80 kg to more than 120 kg.

God knows what I’ve experienced! I heard that yoga is the most beneficial sport for postpartum shaping and repair.

I followed it with a skeptical attitude for a month.

A miracle really happened.

The bucket waist, big ass and big thick legs were all gone, and I finally found the slim and beautiful one.

You can achieve the slimming goal in one month.

You can also do it with her: the international super model Royal private education helps tens of thousands of students achieve amazing slimming effect through yoga transformation.

The yoga teacher is teacher Rosie.

In 2008, Rosie began to contact Yoga for nearly ten years.

In 2011, Mr.

Rosie studied in the United States and majored in health & Sports Science from the University of Dayton (USA).

In 2012, she began to systematically learn air yoga from Rebekah in New York.

In 2014, she brought air yoga training back to China, integrated Astanga elements into air yoga, summarized learning methods more suitable for Asians, and created her own air Yoga system.

After a lot of offline scientific practice, teacher Rosie is more and more able to capture the characteristics of each student.

Just three years after returning home, teacher Rosie established his own studio and focused more on popularizing his yoga system to more people.

(teacher Rosie’s offline teaching) Rosie said, “the best clothes are your body.” she herself is the best proof of this sentence.

Unfortunately, due to the limitations of time and place, many people who like yoga still can’t experience teacher Rosie’s yoga class.

If you want to self-study yoga at home, you don’t know where to start.

Fragmented learning can’t solve your own problems, and the quality of various video tutorials is also mixed.

(Rosie’s offline yoga class) in order to make more people get a better yoga experience and achieve ideal slimming effect, teacher Rosie and teacher Yang Zi jointly launched a set of value-added supermodel slimming courses.

Different from most of the courses on the market, this course will analyze the precise parts to lose weight, and practice wherever you want to lose weight.

It is more suitable for Asian human quality, so that you can strengthen the exercise of weak links on the basis of systematic learning.

From adjusting the shoulders and neck, exercising the chest shape, tightening the lower abdomen, raising the hips, tightening the limbs and adjusting the posture…

The course covers almost all the small shortcomings in the body.

Entering the classroom, starting today, it only takes 30 minutes every day to practice with the rhythm of the teacher to help you cultivate your perfect body! The best clothes are your figure.

Lecturer introduction Guo Ruoxi, rosieguoyogaalliancee-ryt200 registered yoga teacher, Yang Zi, head coach of Yoga Online fat reduction and shaping training camp / Yoga goddess training camp The course introduces the combination of core training and aerobic exercise from “weight loss” → “fat reduction”.

This method can promote the conversion of body fat into energy and reduce fat accumulation   Targeted body training from “fat reduction” → “shaping” can not only locally thin and optimize the body, but also simple and easy to operate.

You can do it at home with the video.

[warm up and relaxation, scientific “slimming” exercise] lesson 1: warm up before practice – activate body energy, warm up and pre stimulation of target muscle groups   Lesson 2: stretch after practice – recover the body to avoid joint injury and muscle pain [thin the body at precise parts and practice beautiful lines] lesson 3: thin the legs – tighten the beautiful legs, which is more eye-catching than the waist circumference.

Bid farewell to the elephant legs.

Being slim and symmetrical can effectively exercise the deep and lateral muscles of the legs and improve the radish legs lesson 4: key points of shoulder arm shaping fiber arm shaping method, Butterfly sleeves no longer see the full effect thin arm trilogy, two arm fat terminator   Lesson 5: Lean waist and healthy abdomen – the key to the soaring sexy index, the core training focus of waist and abdomen, eliminate fat, 360 ° lean waist and abdomen without dead corner, and regain the “waist” body shape   Lesson 6: hip warping – the golden section of the curve.

Hip shaping focuses on rejecting flat and pear hips, and sculpting exquisite and abundant hip warping lines   Lesson 7: Breast Enhancement – a good figure focuses more on the chest.

The key to shaping: lose weight without losing chest, stand tall and plump, and go straight to s figure   Lesson 8: beautiful back – keep away from the tiger’s back, thin out beautiful butterfly bones to create a bony beautiful back, bend over 4 parts to achieve “ultra-thin” back beauty, suitable for people ● women who want to get rid of stubborn weight and lose fat quickly ●   Women who want to shape their legs / arms / waist and abdomen / HIPS / chest / back ●   Women who want to have perfect body shape but are too lazy to go to the gym ●   How many classes are included in the subscription notice column for office workers who work long hours and have no chance to exercise? This column contains eight courses.

What is the form of class? The teaching form of this column is HD video.

Student welfare limited time special price 99 yuan (original price:   one hundred and fifty-nine   element  ) Co inclusion   eight   Class, each class only needs   twelve point four   The meta course is permanently saved and played back at any time.

Long press the identification QR code to enter the course and click“.

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