A woman’s thigh was broken by a coach in a yoga class. Shopkeeper: solve it through legal means

Recently, Ms.

Wang from Anhui broke the news that she went to a yoga studio in Hefei to practice yoga.

Unexpectedly, the coach worked too hard and broke her thigh directly.


Wang said that she was in a private class for the first time.

She was pressed excessively by the yoga teacher to break her thigh.

At that time, her thigh was hanging in the air and only her feet adhered to the ground.

The teacher saw that her action was not standard, so she pressed her leg to the ground.

As a result, she directly broke her thigh and femoral shaft.


Wang lived in the hospital for half a month and spent 56000 yuan.

She contacted the person in charge of the yoga studio.

After the other party compensated 50000 yuan, she said she was unwilling to bear any expenses.

At present, the negotiations are fruitless.


Wang decided to take legal measures to solve the matter.

The femoral shaft is a relatively strong bone in the human body.

It is proved that it has been greatly impacted by being disconnected from the middle.

It seems that the teacher is very hard.

It is comforting that this woman’s femoral shaft fracture, although it sounds scary, can be easily recovered.

As long as it is maintained, there will generally be no sequelae after recovery.

People in the fitness industry say that the current yoga coaches are mixed.

Some people don’t understand yoga at all.

The coaches recruited only care about the head and don’t care about the level at all.

There are also some yoga coaches who act in a hurry, regardless of the flexibility of the students’ body, and press their arms and legs hard.

The operation is as fierce as a tiger.

This violent method not only does not improve flexibility, but also leads to great risk.

This method looks like the training method of children’s skills in dance or gymnastics.

Children can stand it, but adults can’t bear it!..

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