Common Yoga advanced asana preparation sequence

   🧘‍♀️ The world of yoga is to enter a healthy, noble and joyful journey, practice yoga, strengthen the body, evolve the mind, V feel happy in yoga 🧘‍♀️。     When practicing yoga, many people may envy others for achieving difficult asanas at once, but if you are a beginner of yoga or you don’t have the foundation of fitness, I suggest you don’t try it easily.

Because behind the completion of each difficult pose is the result of the practitioner’s long-term practice.

   If you want to start trying these yoga poses, start with the preparation sequence of these poses.


Split (divine monkey pose) 2.

Full lotus 3.

Shoulder handstand 4.

Handstand • handstand requires high physical quality • it requires not only physical flexibility, but also strength • the core, arms and legs need to be very strong • it can be completed well.

In addition to the above sequence • it is recommended for beginners to practice leaning against the wall 5.

Elbow handstand 6.

Wheeled 7.

Crow 8 Side plate type 9, double arm reverse leg holding type (Firefly type) 10, figure eight twist type (side crow type)     Efficacy: concentrate and calm your mind.

   Do you usually practice these muscles? Today, with gratitude, facing the sun, feel the energy of sun worship with your body and mind! 11.

Flying pigeon pose 12, one leg sage Concordia 113, one leg knee twisting forward flexion extension sitting pose 14, compass pose    How many of these advanced yoga poses can you do?     These 18 sets of sequences tell you how to enter the decomposition series of difficult asanas.


Pigeon type    This asana is recommended for those who have some practice experience or practice under the guidance of professional yoga teachers! Be sure to put safety first.


Wheeled     You must fully open the front of your body when practicing wheel pose.

This yoga sequence tells you how to open the front of your body step by step and practice against the wall more safely! 03.

Ship type    Practicing boat style requires strong core control ability.

You can see that there are 9 variants of boat style in the figure.

How many can you do? 04.

Full lotus with head elbow handstand    Head elbow handstand can also be added with semi lotus, which requires not only the stability of core strength, but also the flexibility of hip joint.

Have you got this pose? 05.

Standing forward flexion variant     Practicing this variant requires good core and shoulder strength.

Usually, it is a good choice to practice the posture of arm support, such as side plate and four columns.


Wild style    This sequence is mainly about how to enter the wild pose.

Starting from the single leg downward dog pose, slowly rotate the hips, and pay attention to tightening the hip core.

This pose is a low-level version of the yoga pose prepared for the wheel pose.

The graphic details of the yoga pose are wild pose 07 and the bird of paradise     It’s beautiful to hear the name – bird of paradise.

This pose requires full opening of hips, establishment of thigh strength and sufficient stability.


Crow style with elbow support    Which is more difficult for this crow style supported by your hand? It looks simple, but it needs arm strength, and the start of the core is also very important.


Compass type    To practice compass, you need to open the hip joint.

Jia people with stiff hip joint are not recommended to practice.


Pigeon king style     When practicing the pigeon King pose, you must pay attention to the straightening of the hips.

The core needs to be tightened to help the spine extend upward.

If you can’t hook the instep with your hand, you can try to use the lower extension belt for assistance.


Pishi midoro     To practice this pose, you might as well start with triangle extension and side pose, which can strengthen the core and arm strength.


Flying Pigeon    If you can complete the last asana, this asana should be no problem.


Turtle style     To practice turtle pose, first of all, you have to do well in angle sitting pose.

Secondly, if you can complete crane cicada pose, it will not be difficult to practice turtle pose.


Variation of boat pose    The practice of this pose is mainly to open the instep.

It is suggested to practice Vajra sitting or camel pose more at ordinary times.


Lizard variant     There are 6 variants of Goddess style.

Regular practice of Goddess style can not only reduce the fat on the inner thighs, but also raise the hips.


Side plate variant     The side plate variant has higher requirements for the strength of the core and limbs.


Shiva type     This pose requires high balance and stability of the core, arms and body.


Torsion bow    Torsion bow requires high flexibility of the hip and extension of the legs.

   Although the difficult yoga asana is particularly cool to practice, Xiaobian still wants to remind you that you must fully warm up and open your body before practicing the difficult asana.

How many did you unlock     Secondly, for some postures, if you can’t master the power point, you must consult a professional yoga teacher.

Don’t practice blindly, otherwise the injury will outweigh the loss! Shoulder, neck, back relaxation sequence whole body exercise sequence    After these exercises, you will be like a cat – the existing strength and charm of flexible body.

Practice Yoga: when you get younger, they say that once you practice yoga, your age will start to freeze.

After you insist on practicing yoga, your whole person will be energetic and energetic, your skin will be smoother and brighter, your temperament will be more outstanding, and you will bring your own light wherever you go, so don’t you want to practice yoga? Long press..

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