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Practice yoga in autumn and winter, so it’s more effective to warm up!

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The weather this year seems to enter the autumn and winter season earlier than in previous years.

As the temperature decreases, it is more important to warm up before practicing yoga! Warming up before practicing yoga can improve the body muscle temperature, reduce muscle stiffness, prepare muscles, tendons and joints for deep postures, and effectively reduce the probability of muscle strain! Today, I recommend an improved version of Yoga sun worship sequence.

If ordinary sun worship feels too boring, you might as well collect this warm-up sequence! 01.

Cat cow enters cat cow inhale, raises the head to extend the spine to exhale, lowers the head to include the chest bow and back dynamic exercise for 12-15 times 02.

Inclined plate enters inclined plate exhale, tightens the core, and the gluteal muscles stay for 3-5 breaths 03-05.

Four column support – upper dog – lower dog exhale, and four column support can also inhale in the kneeling version.

Enter upper dog, pay attention to the core to tighten and extend the spine to exhale, Enter downward dog pose and stay for 3-5 breaths 06.

Stand forward bend and twist to inhale, move your legs forward into standing forward bend, point your left hand to the ground, slightly bend your left knee and exhale, tighten the core, open your right hand and stay up for 3-5 breaths, change the other side 07.

Stand forward bend and exhale, enter standing forward bend and stay for 3-5 breath08.

Squat inhalation, bend your hips and knees into squat 09 and phantom chair exhale, Enter the magic chair, tighten the core and keep the gluteal muscles in force for 5-8 breaths.


Lift and inhale the mountain arm, return to the mountain arm and stay for 3-5 breaths.


Exhale in the wind tree style, tighten the core on the inner thigh and tighten the gluteal muscles.

Enter the wind tree style, inhale and prepare to exhale.

Bend your body to the left, restore your exhalation, bend your side to the right, and repeat the sequence of mountain return for 3-5 times, It is recommended to repeat the exercise 3-5 times for better warm-up effect..

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