Fashionable and novel Yoga Pants enhance temperament and charm, show beautiful feet, fresh and special

Fashionable and novel Yoga Pants enhance temperament and charm, show beautiful feet, fresh and special.

The matching of yoga pants is indeed a common and very difficult problem to test the body.

After all, it is also a single product that pays attention to matching skills.

But even if it’s not a skinny girl, it’s possible to create a more fashionable and simple style through different matching skills.

The following wearing skills are worth learning for you with a thin upper body.

Let’s have a look.

Cowboy wide leg pants can also wear a small waist to create a refreshing chic feeling.

It looks more generous and intellectual with a white letter printed T-shirt.

In hot summer, it can also look cooler with a white coat.

Wide leg pants with ankle exposed small white shoes, in autumn and winter with this minimalist fashion sense, it looks taller and thinner.

This move can wear a high sense whether it is a small man or a short girl.

The sweater is matched with high waist and wide leg pants.

Black is a super versatile pants.

If you are short, you don’t have to worry at all.

If you match with high waist flared pants, you will be tall and thin.

Black Wide Leg Pants not only hide the meat and thin, but also lengthen the proportion of the lower body.

Match it with 9-point wide leg pants, simple White Chiffon jacket, a pair of white tie-in bell bottoms, simple white sports style small leg pants, full of leisure and fashion sense, and then match it with a pair of white sports shoes, full of girlish heart.

Since it is matched with a white T-shirt, the same white matching, retro white sweater and black wide leg pants, with a simple big swing coat, cool, handsome and capable, with a pair of black patent leather coat and a handsome short coat, how does it look? It is not only simple, but also looks sunny.

The whole looks neat and capable.

Look at the shape of this body.

It’s more like high cold wind.

If it’s not a girl with a particularly short stature, it’s recommended not to wear a simple sweater as much as possible.

As shown in the figure below, with a pair of Black Wide Leg Pants, the shape effect of this body is better, and more importantly, the skin exposure should be high.

The top can be covered with a black lace up long sleeved shirt, With a pair of black lace up boots, the slimming effect is greatly improved.

White coat with black skirt is also thin and has a good effect.

It is also a common item for small girls because of their short stature.

The effect of matching this length of white skirt with the lower body will be longer than the one in the figure above, but it should also be noted that,..

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