Noble and elegant Yoga Pants add pure beauty, show beautiful figure and retro temperament

Noble and elegant Yoga Pants add pure beauty, show beautiful figure and retro temperament.

The collocation of yoga pants is usually based on the overall style of neutralization.

On the basis of this classic style, it can be matched with soft and bright colors.

Learn the following collocations, and you can achieve the effect of being brilliant when traveling.

Fabric of Yoga Pants: umbrella pattern + calmer color.

You can wear more knitted fabrics and soft chiffon fabrics when the weather is cold.

Style of Yoga Pants: PP and ordinary version: PP has a heavier style and more proportion modification.

It is a thinner design style and has not deformed for many years.

Knitted lace style: the texture of knitted material is quite good, easy to take care of, and it is as easy to wear as lace material.

Recommended item: suit coat: the biggest feature of suit coat is thin, which is more suitable for girls with long legs.

High Waist Pants: the visual lengthening ratio of high waist pleated pants can achieve the effect of showing height and thin visually.

Different lengths can also achieve different effects.

The biggest difference is that different pants lengths will give people different fashion feelings.

Recommended item: suspender skirt.

There are many suspender skirts with requirements on length.

It is difficult to wear suspender skirt and look thin.

The general waist line can be worn at 70-80cm, which is very aesthetic.

Of course, it can also be matched with the Leggings of the middle length of the lower leg.

The strap skirt can be matched with canvas shoes, Oxford Shoes and boots.

It is easy to use and has a versatile style.

Recommended item: Plaid pleated skirt Plaid pleated skirt is usually good with denim coat or loose sweater, with high comfort.

Colors are versatile and not easy to make mistakes.

Recommended item: puffy skirt the advantage of puffy skirt is that it shows thin legs and looks good no matter how you wear it.

The design of high waist umbrella skirt elongates the proportion and looks slimmer.

Sweater is most suitable to match with plaid yarn skirt.

It’s very beautiful and fairy.

Recommended item: hollowed out lace skirt the biggest feature of hollowed out lace is to outline a slim waist, which can achieve good leg slimming effect as a whole.

Black or light gray high waist skirt with black high waist pleated skirt will highlight the exquisite feeling of waist line.

Pleated skirt is characterized by wrapping the upper part of the upper body, which makes it visually slender.

Recommended item: pleated skirt if you don’t have clear requirements for skirt length, this pleated skirt is your best choice.

The length of pleated skirt is generally 6-8cm.

It is thin and comfortable, easy to wear and take off, and you can choose your favorite color.

Pleated skirt is characterized by not being fat.

Pleated skirt has no excessive requirements for body proportion.

Generally, girls who are short or fat can choose pleated skirt.

Recommended item: Knitted pleated skirt.

The knitted material is very versatile and warm in winter.

There is no taboo.

Pleated design has many wearing styles, such as fashion and lovely, literary and artistic small and fresh, generous and elegant, romantic and lovely, literary and artistic elegance, academic style, elegant style, etc.

Any Plaid pleated knitting is OK.

It mainly depends on the overall collocation.

Recommended item: lace pleated skirt lace is not only thin visually, but also beautiful to wear…

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