Finally, you can wear your favorite Yoga Pants out of the street, full of leisure. Gentlemen are good

Finally, I can wear my favorite Yoga Pants out of the street, full of leisure.

Gentlemen are good.

The matching choice of yoga pants is very difficult to grasp.

It should be selected and matched not only according to the occasion, but also according to the matching of clothes, or combined with pants and skirts.

Now many girls like to use yoga pants to match Jumpsuit pants, which can not only show their figure, but also highlight the details.

So what are the styles of yoga pants and Jumpsuit pants? Let’s take a look: 1.

There are many possibilities for yoga pants to match with shorts, which makes it more selective to match with various yoga pants.

If you want to create a high effect of self-cultivation or side forking, you can choose shorts to wear, but if you want to create a high appearance, you can consider clothes pants, which is more slim than shorts, making the wearer look tall and thin.


Yoga pants are matched with a short skirt.

If you wear Yoga Pants out of the length of the skirt, you can choose to wear them together with the skirt if you can use the Jumpsuit as the inner match.

It is suitable for some girls who are short or tall.

It can add some lady, sweet and casual style.

It can also neutralize the visual crotch problem of the pants to make them more slender and slender legs, It shows the softness and elegance of women, and modifies the legs that are not slender enough, which has a visual expansion effect.


Yoga pants with casual pants for some girls who are thinner and fatter, you can choose some casual pants with yoga pants, which can not only achieve the effect of self-cultivation, but also create a leisure and sports style, make the whole look more flexible, but also bring the effect of being tall and thin.


Yoga pants with Jumpsuit pants for girls whose legs are not straight will make the yoga pants look less good-looking.

We can use Jumpsuit pants to create a sense of curve, and when choosing Jumpsuit pants, we must choose to be slim, otherwise the legs will look shorter.


For the choice of yoga pants with wide leg pants, most of them will choose tight material, because clothes made of tight material will show that the pants are more slim, and will visually shorten some proportion to create a better looking proportion.

In creating this wearing method, attention should be paid not to tighten the body over the knee, which will greatly increase the weight of the pants and make the legs shorter, The proportion is even worse.


Girls who wear yoga pants with fashionable pants style, whose legs are not straight, or whose hips are wide and legs are thick, can use loose pants to create long legs.

To create these pants, you can choose three-dimensional wide leg pants and appropriately widen the trouser legs, which is the first choice to make the legs more slender.


Yoga pants with loose straight pants for some girls with wide shoulders, large breasts and thin upper body, it is not suitable to wear yoga pants with wide body or straight pants.

If they are too long, they will give people a soft and cute feeling.

You can choose loose straight yoga pants and use loose pants to modify the shoulder width, so that the whole will not feel fat in shoulder width or proportion, Neutral and loose style…

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