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Yoga breast posture, 3 minutes a day, bigger and more beautiful!

There are many ways to check Yoga knowledge every day, and practicing yoga is one of them.

However, there are many yoga postures.

For the beauty who are eager for breast enhancement, of course, we should go straight to the theme.

Next, the postures Xiaobian shows you are all postures that can effectively enhance the breast! 1、 Triangular steps: 1.

Open both feet twice the shoulder width, and lift the arms flat into a big character; 2.

Inhale, open the right toe to the outside 180 degrees, and turn the left ankle 45 degrees in the same direction.

Look at the fingertip of your right hand; 3.

Exhale, bend your body, and try to hold your ipsilateral fingers to any part you can reach (lower leg or ankle).

Look at the raised finger.

Maintain 5-8 breaths.

If you are less flexible, you can hold your hand at your ankle.

The following figure: if your flexibility is very poor and you can’t do it in the short term, there is another way, that is, with the help of Yoga AIDS, such as yoga brick II and mountain style.

Mountain style is usually the starting position of all standing postures, but it is also a very beneficial standing posture that can be practiced alone.

It can stay for 30 seconds-1 minute and breathe naturally.

3、 The steps of ox face pose: 1.

When inhaling, extend the right arm upward, bend the elbow when exhaling, and press the right hand down between the two shoulder blades; Then grab your right hand with your left hand, clasp your hands behind your back, keep breathing for 5-8 times, and sit on the other side.

Warm tip: if you can’t clasp your hands, you can use yoga extension belt / tension belt as an aid, as shown in Figure 3.

4、 Camel steps: 1.

Kneeling, knees open to hip width, soles up; 2.

Put your hands naturally above your pelvis and straighten your waist and back; 3.

Start from the upper back, slowly bend back, tighten the muscles of thighs, hips and abdomen, and face the ceiling; 4.

When bending back, put your hands on your heels; 5.

Inhale and stretch your hands to the back of your body, so as to lift your chest upward, maintain 5-8 natural breaths, and slowly restore your original posture.

5、 Double cross legging double cross legging can do one-sided cross legging after stretching practice.

Finally, as long as both sides of the single plate are skilled, you can double plate.

6、 Snake steps: 1.

Lie prone on the yoga mat, point your jaw to the ground, put your arms naturally on your side, and hold empty fists with both hands; 2.

Bend your elbows, palms down, fingertips forward, put them on both sides of your chest, and chin against the yoga mat; 3.

Inhale, slowly raise the upper body, keep the upper body perpendicular to the ground as much as possible, straighten your arms, look up and raise your chin as much as possible; 4.

Exhale, bend your elbows, and slowly restore your upper body to your original position.

This process can be repeated 5-8 times…

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