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What if the back of the leg is too tight? You need these 10 yoga poses for ultimate stretching!

Speaking of thick legs, it’s a hard injury for many Jia people! In fact, there is a kind of thick legs because the meridians are blocked! Blocked meridians will lead to the metabolism of toxins and excess water in the body, resulting in swelling and obesity in both legs.

Try to dredge the bladder meridian and spleen stomach meridian of the legs, which may have unexpected effects! Today, Xiaobian shares a sequence to dredge bladder meridian, spleen and stomach meridian, metabolize excess toxins and water in the body, and the more you practice your legs, the more beautiful you are! 01.

Downward dog pose moves from cat cow pose to downward dog pose, with the arms rotated outward, the shoulders away from the ears, feel the extension of the back of the thigh and stay for 5-8 breaths 02.

Crescent pose withdraws from downward dog pose, enter the crescent pose, bend the left leg forward, straighten the hips, put the hands upward, extend the spine, feel the extension of the front of the thigh and stay for 5-8 breaths 03.

Low lunge torsion withdraws from crescent pose, enter the low lunge, and twist the right hand to support the ground, Bend the right lower leg backward, grasp the back of the right foot with the left hand, open the chest and stay for 5-8 breaths.

Practice from pose 02-03 to the other side.


Withdraw from the upper individual pose and enter the semi divine monkey pose.

The center of gravity is backward, straighten the right leg, hook the toes back to the left thigh vertical to the ground, straighten the hips, extend the spine, relax the shoulders and stay for 5-8 breaths.


Stand and bend forward to withdraw from the semi divine monkey pose, Excessive downward dog pose enters standing forward flexion, hands fall naturally and stay for 5-8 breaths, and then return to standing mountain pose 06.

Triangular extension from standing mountain pose to triangular extension.

Take the right side as an example, put your right hand on the right ankle, and your left hand straightens up, keep the spine extended and stay for 5-8 breaths, and change the other side 07.

Pigeon pose exits from triangular pose and enters pigeon pose to straighten your hips, After the upper body bends forward and stays on the ground for 1 minute, change to the other side 08.

Bend the back of one leg to sit and stand, straighten the right leg, bend the knee of the left leg forward, press the sole of the foot close to the root of the right thigh, take root downward, inhale and extend the spine to exhale, bend the body forward and stay down for 5-8 breaths, change to the other side 09.

Sit and stand with the back of both legs bent forward, inhale straight, extend the spine to exhale, and tighten the core, Bend forward and stay for 5-8 breaths 10.

Needle eye supine, bend both legs, lift the left leg up and bend the knee, put the left ankle on the right thigh, put both hands around the back of the left leg, tighten the core, relax the shoulders, and stay at the waist and back for 1 minute before changing to the other side.

In addition, it is also key to avoid sedentary, which will lead to poor blood circulation in the lower body and blockage of meridians! Naduyoga contact us coach training place: Nadu Yoga Institute, No.

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