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For the demonstration of wearing yoga pants, you should choose fashionable clothes and walk on the street

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Note: the source of pictures and texts is the network, which is invaded and deleted                                                          For the demonstration of wearing yoga pants, you should choose fashionable clothes and walk on the street.

The matching of yoga pants is the focus of everyone’s attention.

From wearing yoga pants to going out of the street, you will always find that many people’s matching Yoga Pants still look earthy or too dark.

When it comes to dark yoga pants, green is also a good color.

For example, these Yoga Pants mentioned above, combined with a simple black basic coat and a pair of white high heels, are completely the so-called dark street style.

Black yoga pants can also be matched with Pullover knitted sweaters.

The direction of the coat is right, but the direction of accessories is not noticed.

The belt of this yoga pants recommended today can’t be used to tie high heels.

Similarly, a suit shirt can replace the top of yoga pants.

Color matching can be echoed by black skirt and sweater.

When choosing the basic color, match it with a knee length skirt to relieve the boredom of the upper body.

The color of the top can echo with the yoga pants, which can create a sense of fashion.

Accessories are the same.

It’s good to choose some of the same color, such as the bright color of the whole body, so the lower body should also be bright color.

Let’s go back to some darker colors and items, such as bright colors and green items.

The color like this is because green goes up and has the same side relationship with black.

Adding green makes black less boring.

Bright colors and black go on the same side, so choosing a single product will not give people such a dull feeling, but can give people a sense of fashion and liveliness.

For example, the combination of white and black is particularly brilliant.

Green is easy to give people a feeling of looking rustic.

Match it with a bright green shirt, and the upper hem should be rolled up.

As a bright color piece, the fabric should not be too loose and simple.

On the fabric, you can try to choose fine patterns.

For example, this one uses fabrics of other colors, which can create a high street feeling.

Men’s shirts can also be matched with green skirts, but it must be noted that the color of the lower body should be green, and other colors can choose a little blue.

It is more fashionable to match green pieces with white skirts.

Once you want to start a piece of green, you can choose some green skirts.

Now men’s shirts are men’s shirts.

With green skirts, they look more advanced visually.

Green and blue like this can match all basic models, and can match any style of single product.

In fact, we all know that green and yellow are a pair of CP, but on this basis, we can also add some brighter accessories, which can not only have decorative effect, but also highlight the color of accessories.

Then, the yellow clothes are matched with green yoga pants and green skirt.

For those who do not have a particularly high color saturation, they may be abrupt.

In fact, they are all eye-catching colors, highlighting the existence of accessories and leaving a visual impression.

Green yoga pants can also be matched with some chic yellow accessories, such as a chic yellow earring, a yellow bag, or a yellow belt…

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