Yoga pants with elegant temperament are more dazzling and elegant. They are classic

The elegant yoga pants are more dazzling and elegant.

They are classic.

Precautions for matching yoga pants.

Wearing beautiful yoga pants makes you feel happy every day.

It’s really too girlish.

Yoga pants can be matched with high heels or flat shoes.

Today peach will share some beautiful yoga pants.


The suspender skirt (Xiaoji) Xiaoji is very sexy just by listening to the name.

In addition, the skirt length is only about 10-15cm.

If you want to wear it to go shopping, you are not afraid of embarrassment when meeting acquaintances.

It looks good no matter how you wear it.


Irregular one shoulder Yoga pants (paoganmeng) the irregular straight shoulder is indeed a very distinctive design.

In addition to the loose length of the skirt, the skirt body and upper body of yoga pants are made of irregular hollow design, which makes the upper body more concise and fashionable.

Peach also mentioned several matching colors of yoga pants in an article last year.

In fact, peach also mentioned the word irregular before The matching method of shoulders.

At that time, I wore a purple yoga pants.

Irregular and different matching colors will make people look more and more attractive in the picture.

You can try it.


A hooded skirt (op.yanjun) with a length from crotch to thigh root If you don’t like too loose yoga pants like peaches, you can choose this kind of shorter yoga pants.

If you choose this kind of puffy skirt, the yoga pants that can be wrapped around the skirt can make the overall feeling not very dull and good-looking.


Umbrella skirt (ch.bou) The biggest feature of the umbrella skirt is the umbrella fold design, which can be matched with a belt or waist bag.

If your legs are not particularly long, you can cover this umbrella skirt.

The pants should be nine points loose to neutralize the disadvantage of the shorter skirt body.


Ruffled Yoga Pants (wangpiao) When trousers can also easily decorate your legs, the crowd on the road will be more youthful and beautiful.

You are no longer afraid of others to see your leg shape.

As long as you wear a small vest on your upper body, you can choose a long skirt with a top.


Pleated yoga pants (baixuejia) the biggest feature of pleated yoga pants is the pleated design of the skirt.

The skirt length will be shorter than ordinary yoga pants.

The biggest feature is that the skirt body will produce different folds with its folds.

Moreover, this kind of skirt is made with a belt, which is more suitable for the feeling of being tall and thin.

If you prefer pleated skirt, you can match it with a pair of small boots first, or the lower half It’s hard to feel relaxed and tight at the top and bottom.


The flounced yoga pants are wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, which is very nice.

Really, don’t think too much.

Whether they are shorter or longer, you can choose black and white.


The white color of the sling pleated skirt (Xiyan) has a youthful and beautiful feeling,..

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