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Four “leaning against the wall” practice methods of Yoga forward bending, extreme stretching and strong feeling!

Often practice yoga.

There is a saying that “if you practice forward bending well, you don’t get old when you live 80”, which is enough to prove that practicing forward bending is beneficial to your body.

So, today, I recommend four simple small methods of bending forward against the wall, which can make the back of the whole body get extreme stretching and feel super strong.

You can practice at home.

Let’s try it together: Method 1: stand in a mountain style, with your back against the wall at a shoulder width or half a shoulder width from the wall, with your feet as wide as your hips, inhale, extend your spine, exhale, and bend forward downward, Relax your hips against the wall, bend your knees slightly, try to keep your abdomen close to your thighs, and then straighten your knees for 20-30 seconds.

Method 2: on the basis of method 1, put your hands on both sides of your body, slowly lean your heels back against the wall, and extend your hips back against the wall.

First slightly bend your knees, your abdomen close to your thighs, and then slowly straighten your knees, head and neck to relax, Stretch your back and keep breathing for 5-8 times.

Method 3: face the wall, exhale at a shoulder width or half a shoulder width away from the wall, bend forward and down, lean your back against the wall, and put your hands on the wall to help maintain physical stability.

If you can, your feet close to the wall and relax your head and neck, Keep your hips backward and upward for 20-30 seconds method 4: stand facing the wall in mountain pose, with your feet slightly larger than your hips, inhale, lift your hands up over your head, hug your elbows, exhale, bend forward and lean your back against the wall, and keep your feet slowly towards the wall for 20-30 seconds.

If you can, keep your feet close to the middle, open them shoulder width, or keep your feet close to the wall, Make the whole back stick to the wall as far as possible, with the hips backward and upward, and keep the leg in a straight line and vertical cushion surface for 20-30 seconds ▼ teacher wechat ▼▼▼ select yoga products in the lower left corner of the recommendation point for good classes and good things in the near future..

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