The wisdom of Yoga brings us truth, discernment and joy

On the way to yoga, either in yoga or on the way to yoga, pay attention to and share 30 selected ancient yoga wisdom from the Yoga Sutra 1.

Athayog ā’ nu śā Now, we have to explain what yoga is. ś Cittav ṛ ttinirodha ḥ yoga is to learn to control the transformation of consciousness.

  3.tad ā draṣṭuḥsvar ū pe’vasth ā In this way, the perceptual can return to his true face.

  4.vṛttayaḥpañcatayyaḥkliṣṭ ā’ kliṣṭ ā ḥ there are five kinds of changes, painful and non painful: 5.

Pram ā ṇaviparyayavikalpanidr ā SM ṛ Taya ḥ knowledge, fallacy, fantasy, sleep and memory.

6.abhy ā savair ā gy ā bhy ā Tannirodha can control the above by exercising and not being attached to things.

7.tatrasthitauyatno’bhy ā Perseverance is exercise.

  8.satud ī rghak ā lanairantaryasatk ā r ā” sevitodṛḍhabh ū Mi ḥ can lay a solid foundation over a long period of time.

  9.vitarkavic ā r ā” nand ā’ smit ā’ nugam ā tsaṁprajñ ā TA ḥ’s highest meditation is the perception of truth, discernment and joy produced by the combination of the true self and the universe.

ten ś raddh ā v ī ryasmṛtisam ā dhiprajñᾱp ū rvakaitareṣ ā Others have to go through the stages of confidence, exertion, memory, meditation, intelligence and so on.

11.t ī vrasaṁveg ā n ā m ā Sanna ḥ some people have a strong will and can soon enter meditation.

twelve īś varapraṇidh ā n ā dv ā This can also be achieved by obedience to God.

13.tajjapastadarthabh ā vanaṁ   This sound should be recited frequently, and success can be achieved.

14.tataḥpratyakcetan ā’ dhigamo’pyantar ā y ā’ bh ā va ś CA can reach the consciousness of the universe and make everything unobstructed.

15.maitr ī karuṇ ā mudito’pekṣ ā ṇ ā ṁsukhaduḥkhapuṇy ā’ puṇyaviṣay ā ṇ ā ṁbh ā van ā ta ś cittapras ā danaṁ   Peace of mind comes from friendship, benevolence, joy and equality.

To treat the happy and the suffering equally, the worthy and the unworthy, can make the consciousness pure.

16.pracchardanavidh ā raṇ ā bhy ā ṁv ā pr ā ṇ Asya controlling breathing can also overcome all this. ś ok ā v ā jyotiṣmat ī This is due to the transcendental, inner light.

18.anity ā’ś uciduḥkh ā’ n ā tmasunitya ś ucisukh ā’ tmakhy ā tiravidy ā Ignorance identifies those who are not eternal, impure, painful and do not belong to the true self as eternal, pure, happy and belong to the true self.

19.dṛgdar ś ana- ś aktyorek ā tmatev ā’ smit ā Self attachment is the ability of the perceiver to identify himself with perception.

20.pariṇ ā mat ā pasaṁsk ā raduḥkhairguṇavṛttivirodh ā Ccadu ḥ khamevasarva ṁ vivekina ḥ for intelligent people, everything is bitter.

Because everything is changing, things become their opposite state.

21.heyaṁduḥkhaman ā The pain that GATA has not yet arrived in the future can be avoided.

22.draṣṭṛdṛ ś The cause of pain is that the perceiver identifies with the perceiver.

23.svasv ā mi ś aktyoḥsvar ū Popalabdhihetu ḥ SA ṁ yoga ḥ the world comes into being when the perceiver meets the perceived.

24.vitarkab ā dhanepratipakṣabh ā If VanA ṁ has an idea against yoga, he should fight it with the opposite.

  25.saṁtoṣ ā danuttamaḥsukhal ā BHA ḥ satisfaction produces the greatest happiness.

  26.k ā ye’ndriyasiddhira ś uddhikṣay ā Ttapasa ḥ the perfection of the body and senses comes from the elimination of those uncleanness by keeping the precepts.

  27.sthirasukham ā SANA’s posture must be stable and comfortable.

28.sarv ā rthatai’k ā gratayoḥkṣayo’dayaucittasyasam ā dhipariṇ ā Ma ḥ when the mind is placed on one thing, its interest in other things will decline, and it can reach meditation.

   29.sam ā najay ā Jjvalana ṁ through the control of life energy, the body emits light.

30.sattvapuruṣayoḥ ś uddhis ā ṁ yekaivalya ṁ really, I become as pure as the energy of life, and I achieve perfection and freedom.

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