Yoga pants are thousands of styles, sexy and eye-catching, showing body advantages and the best interpretation of fashion elements

Yoga pants are thousands of styles, sexy and eye-catching, showing body advantages and the best interpretation of fashion elements.

The most popular collocation of yoga pants in early spring this year is jeans and jeans.

What about jeans in autumn and winter this year? How do you match denim shirts? The fairies should have worn cowboy shirts countless times, but they may not like it too much.

It’s too difficult for their wives to wear.

Today we talk about how to match denim shirts.

How to match cowboy shirts? How to match cowboy shirts to look good? Let’s take a look at the two most popular wearing methods: 1.

T-shirt + cowboy shirt + skirt (T-shirt and pants can be matched with low waist) 2.

How to wear cowboy shirt + cowboy shirt + wide leg pants (T-shirt can only be matched with thin waist)? As long as you have a good figure, you can really go out in a cowboy shirt, but you must choose a high waist and tight! High waist tight!! High waist tight!!! (say important things three times) next, let’s show you how a girl with good figure can wear a cowboy shirt.

Wearing the model sudocatti, there is no doubt that the natural denim shirt is available.

I helped you find several sets of matching pictures.

Next is the point!! T-shirt + wide leg pants see here, do not know which good-looking denim shirt brand I want to introduce to you, look here!!! Look here!!! Look here!!! It’s definitely the student party’s mother! Introduce the brand to you: Dr.

Martens specific indicators upper body effect picture: let’s talk about the skills of shirt matching.

First, choose 70 or 80 for the waist of the pants.

If you really can’t choose a cowboy shirt, it is recommended to buy the first wearing method, that is, the hem of the cowboy shirt should cover the thickest part of the thigh.

You need to buy a pair of trousers, which should be looser than the shorts, It’s better to have a darker color of pants, just from the hem to the color of shoes.

By the way, it’s best to choose black.

As long as this can cover the thickest part of the thigh, is it a simple and easy to learn cowboy shirt matching method? To sum up: 1.

What pants do T-shirts and denim shirts match? If you want to find pants with a lighter waist, you should choose versatile pants.

The thick parts of the legs of any color must be covered, and the waist crotch to the shoes must be covered.


T-shirts and denim shirts can also be worn in any pants.

No, for example, is it a little too common to match the above look pants with cowboy shirts and suit pants?..

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