Free and easy yoga pants are good-looking and personalized, showing the style of celebrities of the Republic of China and simple dress up

Free and easy yoga pants are good-looking and personalized, showing the style of celebrities of the Republic of China and simple dress up.

There are many ways to match yoga pants.

In fact, learning from each other is the most practical learning.

1、 Pay attention to whether the color you choose matches well with the overall collocation, so that it will appear very fashionable.

For example, shirt + Yoga Pants / shirt + T-shirt.

The collar of yoga pants is V-neck and large collar, highlighting the width of V and T-shirt.

Try to choose the waist style.

In this way, the overall collocation is neat, generous and concise.

For yoga pants with a smaller collar and a larger collar, just connect them with a tie.

(there seem to be two, but in fact they can’t be separated from one.

Look at the outside T-shirt and match it with the shirt) features: simple and practical, single color, less solid color or pattern matching, and avoid fancy.

So, choose a shirt skirt, it’s enough, don’t consider other collocations.

You can choose a shirt skirt with a smaller collar and match it directly.

Features: it matches with a very daily leisure style, which is suitable for the overall temperament.

It is leisure temperament, such as wide leg pants.

Matching needs to use the shoulder line characteristics of short sleeved shirts.

Pay attention to shoes or jewelry, such as watches, sunglasses, etc.

These two shirts and skirts look good in any pants on the lower body.

You can wear only one.

When matching yoga pants, pay special attention to the color matching of the collar and waist, and try to avoid different colors.

The following shirt is also OK.

It’s a good choice to wear with a thin coat and small white shoes.

If you want to wear casual style, you can choose this collocation, which looks very temperament and comfortable.

These two collocations only need to pay attention to the color collocation, without special consideration of design style.

2、 The above introduces several matching skills.

Next, let’s introduce the style transformation of yoga pants.

The collocation is very simple.

You can choose one of your favorite yoga pants.

If you don’t like it, don’t change it.

These three collocations are suitable for two people to communicate with each other.

In fact, a shirt and skirt is enough.

Two people have complementary elements, which are easy to match and versatile.

If you want to take the light cooked route, you can match it with a striped shirt.

If you want to be more relaxed, you can match it with a white shirt and finally a white T-shirt, which is very refreshing.

If you want a feminine shirt, wear it with a striped shirt.

Pay attention to the following three collocations.

The collar must be tied on the belt.

When you tie your belt or pants, be sure to pay attention to the waist line.

This lace shirt skirt is really feminine.

It’s good to match with white T-shirt or T-shirt yoga pants.

Two people don’t have to think too much about design.

Both are suitable.

If you want both, you can wear them as T-shirts or shirts as basic shirts.

In fact, there’s nothing to pay much attention to.

Just pay attention to the matching of colors.

Striped shirt skirt is very suitable for autumn and winter.

In addition to the solid color yoga pants, in fact, the matching of these patterns is very good.

Vertical striped shirt skirt, as a leisure way of suspender pants, with denim or sweater, has a strong natural style…

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