Yoga Pants reflect temperament, simple, clean and thin, simple and fashionable

Yoga Pants reflect temperament, simple, clean and thin, simple and fashionable.

Sharing the matching methods of Yoga Pants 1.

The clothes with the front collar of the retro half skirt have certain requirements for the figure.

Some people are not very suitable for wearing the clothes with the front collar.

Some people’s neck is relatively curved and will appear uncoordinated.

First, judge from the face shape and face shape, and then choose according to the upper body.

This kind of clothes needs an appropriate bulging upper body, Don’t choose loose fabrics for tops.

Generally, the cutting will have a female curve feeling, so as to show women’s elegance, modesty and softness.

In addition, the front collar is usually designed to close the waist, but if women are too thin, they will also have some decorative effects, which is that the upper body presents a slender curve beauty.

On the contrary, if you want to show the waist directly, the coat should close the waist as much as possible to expose the arms.

Especially for women with fat on the upper body, they can wear a front collar coat, which can cover the shortcomings of the body as much as possible and make the body proportion more perfect.


Matching the skirt with the coat and the one line collar, compared with the front collar, the wide collar has lower requirements for the figure.

Even thin women will look thinner when they wear the upper body, because the upper body is wide, and the width is to create an aspect of vision through the coat, so as to highlight the advantages of the figure, For women with plump breasts, it is more suitable to match the design of V-neck.

Wearing such a skirt will give you a faint sense of beauty.

In addition, women with fat on the chest should try to choose styles with strong sense of lower body lines, such as deep V-neck design, which will make the accumulation of tops more obvious and increase the visual sense.

Especially for women with plump breasts, we can start with the V-neck design, which visually highlights the advantages of thin upper body and fat lower body.


Hip Wrap Skirt with high waist A-shaped short skirt for A-shaped short skirt, the upper body normal skirt with T-shirt, many people think it is difficult to match, especially in hot summer.

Of course, it is impossible to wear a skirt on the upper body and a T-shirt on the lower body, which is too short.

In fact, the V-neck design, the straight neck design and the A-shaped skirt can help the neckline of the upper body better cover the shortcomings of the upper body.

At the same time, for women with thinner body, they are thinner.

The A-shaped collar design of the half skirt design has more advantages in the area of the whole upper body, a strong sense of encirclement and a more perfect display of the advantages of the body.

However, the A-line skirt has high requirements for the waist.

Fat girls and women who already have bad waist and hip lines should not try it easily.

Otherwise, it is not only the accumulation of the upper body, but also the imperfection of the waist and hip.


Pleated skirt with long sleeved A-shaped short skirt.

The key point of matching short skirt is to pay attention to the control of length,..

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