How does palace cold lumbago do? Try these six yoga poses!

I’m grateful for every time I meet, meet you, meet Iyengar! The womb is good, women can not be old! However, as the saying goes, ten women are cold in six palaces.

Palace cold and low back pain are common health problems for female friends.

Palace cold refers to the swelling of the lower abdomen caused by women’s lack of kidney yang and the loss of warmth in the uterus.

Pain and heat are alleviated, which is generally caused by kidney yang deficiency.

Palace cold is a common disease of women at present, which will cause great trouble to women’s body and life.

Palace cold generally refers to women’s uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries and other internal reproductive systems are cold, resulting in Yin cold and yang deficiency in the body.

If women often have low back pain, it may be related to palace cold and kidney deficiency, or it may be caused by other reasons.

Patients had better go to the national regular hospital for detailed examination and symptomatic treatment.

In fact, yoga is a good aerobic exercise, especially waist yoga, which can ensure the operation of uterine Qi and blood, be beneficial to pelvic health, and prevent palace cold and low back pain.

Moreover, traditional medicine believes that the waist is the house of the kidney.

As long as women’s waist has sufficient blood and smooth operation, they can ensure the warmth of the uterus, protect the uterus and pelvic cavity, and prevent palace cold, low back acid and low back pain caused by blood retention.

Practicing yoga can just promote the smooth flow of Qi and blood in the body.

Today, I will introduce six yoga postures, which can stimulate meridians and acupoints, dredge meridians, smooth Qi and blood, improve blood circulation, warm the whole body and treat palace cold.

Simple sitting posture is called simple sitting posture.

You just need to sit down and relax.

It is a posture very suitable for adjusting the breathing rhythm and entering meditation.

It opens your hips and lengthens your spine, which will make you calm inside.

Practicing it can relieve physical and mental fatigue and relieve pressure.

The phantom chair variant raises your arms straight up, puts your palms together, bends your knees to a certain angle, and pays attention not to exceed your toes.

At the same time, bend your spine back.

This posture can strengthen your legs and upper back.

When you try to do this posture well, you will be forced to take off your mental pressure and emotions.

Standing, flexing and stretching this is a very good posture to reduce and relieve pressure.

Stand in mountain style, with your feet together, your legs straight, fold your body down from your hips, and hold your heels with both hands if your flexibility allows.

You can also put yoga bricks in front of you.

This pose can promote blood flow to the brain, stretch and relax the spine, and promote relaxation.

Many of the pressure and negative emotions of anti bow people are stored in the hips.

Anti bow practice can open your hips and hips and release these tensions.

This pose is less difficult.

You can use yoga bricks to assist in practice.

Spine twist sitting position with legs extended forward.

Bend the right knee inward, put the right foot on the outside of the hip, bend the left knee, step the left foot on the ground outside the right thigh, and the knee joint is upward.

Turn the body to the left, the abdomen is close to the inner side of the thigh, and the right arm passes under the knee joint of the left leg and extends downward and backward.

Turn your left arm back around your back, hold your hands together, twist your neck to the left and back, and Practice on the other side after taking 5 deep breaths.

In the baby kneeling sitting position, put your hands naturally on both sides of your body, lean your upper body slowly forward until your forehead is close to the ground, your chest is close to your legs, and keep breathing for 3-5 hours.

Note: for most Yoga asanas, we recommend keeping more than 5 groups of breathing, so that the body can be fully extended under the practice of asanas.

◇   ◇   ◇ in addition to practicing these six yoga postures, friends with palace cold and low back pain should also pay attention to: ❶   Diet regulation, avoid eating cold and cold foods, such as cabbage, white radish, green tea, etc.

eat more warm foods, such as mutton, leek, walnut, longan, jujube, etc.

❷   To change their bad living habits, pay attention to daily warmth.

Female friends must learn to take care of their uterus, and cultivate yoga into their daily habits and lifestyle, then Gong Han will be farther and farther away from you! Sticking to yoga is the best love for your body! On the yoga mat, may you sweat down the yoga mat, may you be as beautiful as flowers, adhere to yoga and shape yourself, and the years will give you.

come on.

  Aijia regimen will always accompany you.

Yoga is not only an hour on the mat, but also 23 hours in life.

To bring the state of yoga on the mat to life is to live with yoga…

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