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How to improve the poor balance of Yoga? Try these 8 asanas!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Practicing yoga, many postures are based on balance, and our daily walking needs to rely on the ability of balance! Therefore, balance ability is the basic ability of all static and dynamic activities! Today, Xiaobian brings 8 yoga balance postures.

If you practice yoga, you always feel that your balance ability is poor.

You might as well practice these 8 postures more! 01.

Kneeling position: the bird King kneels on both knees, enters the Vajra and inhales, with the right elbow bent on the top and the left elbow bent on the bottom.

Enter the bird King’s hand and stay for 8-10 breaths.


Stand on one leg and inhale in balance, maintain the bird King’s legs with both hands, stand up and exhale in the mountain style, tighten the left leg of the core, bend the hip, bend the knee and lift forward for 5-8 breaths.


The warrior three bird kings exhale, tighten the right leg of the core and support the ground, The center of gravity of the body is raised forward and the left leg is raised backward, the pelvis is stable, stay for 5-8 breaths 04, half moon inhale, point the ground with the right hand, enter the half moon hip, turn the chest to the right, start the core, stay for 5-8 breath05, twist the half moon inhale, point the pelvis with the left hand, tighten the core, exhale, twist the chest to the right, open the right hand and stay up for 5-8 breath06 The bird king style exits from the twisting half moon style and returns to the mountain style to inhale.

The left leg is wrapped around the right leg, the right elbow is bent on the top, and the left hand exhales under the bottom.

Tighten the core, bend the hips and knees, enter the bird king style and stay for 8-10 breaths 07.

The inclined plate exits from the bird king style, the legs retreat into the inclined plate, and the core starts and stays for 5-8 breath08 Vajra kneels down to restore Vajra.

Stay for 3-5 minutes tips: pay attention to practice on the other side from asana 01! After you’ve read it, you can watch it before you go 👍。.

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