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I often practice these 8 yoga postures, and my waist and back don’t hurt anymore!

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Back stiffness and back pain are very common now.

They are closely related to bad posture and unhealthy living habits, habitual hunchback, long-term desk work, long-time driving, sedentary and so on.

  This set of Yoga sequence for the back can effectively help you flex your spine, relieve back tension and discomfort.

one   Locust prone position, with feet shoulder width, hands behind ten fingers, elbows straight, pull the upper body up, legs straight, knees up and keep five breaths.


Low bow variant bends forward from standing, hands on both sides of the foot, left foot step back, bend the left knee, instep close to the ground, right leg vertical to the ground, keep the back extended, hip centered, chest upward, eyes looking forward, keep 5 breaths and restore forward flexion, Change the opposite side 3.

The magic chair turns the feet together, closes the hands in front of the chest, bends the knees, the knees do not exceed the toe tip, bends forward and turns the left elbow to the right, maintains 5 breaths on the outside of the right knee, and exercises on the opposite side 4   The camel knee is aligned with the hip, the instep of the lower leg is close to the ground, the hip is pushed forward, the thoracic spine is turned upward, the shoulder is rotated outward, the hands are close to the heel and the back of the neck, and keep 5 breathing 5   Sit in the boat on the mat, bend your knees and slowly lift your legs upward, lift your hands flat in front of your body, open the chest and lift up, compact the sitting bone and cushion surface to keep your body balanced, slowly straighten your legs, keep your back straight, and keep your body and legs in a V-shape.

5 breathe 6   Reverse lift walking stick sitting and standing, straighten your legs and bend your knees forward, put your hands behind your hips, exhale with your fingertips forward, push your hands on the ground, lift your hips off the ground, keep 5 breaths right above your hands, slowly fall your hips down and restore 7   Sitting torsion    Sit up, straighten your left leg, bend your right leg, put your left elbow on the outside of your right knee, inhale outward with your palms, extend your spine, exhale, twist your body to the right, keep 5 breaths, and practice 8 on the opposite side   Sit and bend forward, straighten your legs, sit and stand with your toes upward, inhale, extend your spine upward, exhale, fold your upper body forward, grasp the outside of your feet to keep your spine extended, and keep practicing your abdomen to find your thighs.

Your back will become more and more flexible, which can alleviate or even remove back problems, and it is also important to maintain a good posture…

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