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9 Beginner Yoga stretching movements, simple and practical (collection level)

Everyone’s flexibility is different before practicing yoga.

Some people are soft and weak, while others are strong but rigid.

If you are in the latter situation, the simplest Yoga stretching will be difficult for you.

At this time, you should practice more simple yoga stretching movements, which can make you soft slowly.

Today, I recommend 9 Simple beginner stretching yoga moves for you who are stiff.

Smallredlower 9 Yoga beginner stretching actions 1.

Low lunge – stretch the front of the hip.

The instep of the left knee is on the ground, the right foot is on the ground in front, and the knee is aligned with the ankle.

Push the front of the thigh with both hands to extend the chest upward.

The hip sinks forward and downward.

Hold for 30 seconds and change sides 2.

Strengthen the side extension – stretch the back of the leg.

The right foot is in front and the left foot is behind, The heels are slightly staggered from left to right.

The legs are straightened and the hips are straightened.

The upper body is folded forward and down.

Keep the spine extended and the front of the legs and thighs are strongly lifted up.

Hold for 30 seconds and change sides.


Simple sitting side extension – stretch the side of the body.

Simple sitting, with the left hand supporting the ground on the left side and the right hand extending upward to the left.

Keep the right shoulder open backward, Move the left chest forward.

Bend the left elbow and strengthen the stretching.

Hold for 30 seconds and change sides.


One leg inclined board – stretch the back of the lower leg and ankle.

Come to the inclined board, then go to the left knee and land.

Push the right heel back and down.

Hold for 30 seconds and change sides.


Bend the knee and stand on one leg – stretch the front of the thigh.

Stand, bend the right leg, Hold the wall with your left hand.

Grasp the back of your right foot with your right hand.

Pull the heel close to your right hip.

Hold for 30 seconds and change sides.


Semi Dove – stretch the outside of your hip.

Bend your right leg in front and land on the outside of your lower leg and knee.

Straighten your left leg back and keep your instep and lower leg knee close to the ground.

Straighten your hips and hold your hands on the ground for 30 seconds, Change sides 7.

Stand against the wall and stretch the front of the shoulder and chest muscles.

Stand side to wall with the left leg in front and the right leg behind.

Bend the left elbow with the small arm and palm close to the wall.

Keep the right shoulder back and the left chest forward for 30 seconds and change sides 8.

Cow face arm – stretch the front of the shoulder and armpit.

Come to King Kong sit, bend the right hand on the top and down, Touch the lower back of the cervical spine.

Bend your left hand downward and upward, and stick your left back to your back.

Hold for 30 seconds, change sides.


Supine twist – stretch the spine.

Lie on your back, bend your left leg, and put your right hand on the outside of your left knee.

Land on the right side and look at the left side with a brick.

Hold for 30 seconds, change sides.

As a yoga beginner with stiff body, start with a simple and practical Yoga stretching pose, Keep it for 30 seconds – 1 minute and stick to it every day.

Your flexibility will really be greatly improved! Disclaimer: we respect originality and pay attention to sharing.

Part of the material comes from the Internet and is copyrighted by the original author.

If it infringes your rights and interests, we will delete it as soon as possible.

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