12 sets of fascial flow & Yin Yoga finished courses > personally taught by tymi Howard, a world yoga master

Long press QR code   Subscribe to courses now course FAQ: where can I watch courses? A: China official account of the international Yoga Conference, click on the bottom menu bar “yoga class” – “purchased Courses” to watch.

Q: Can the course be watched permanently? A: Yes, this set of courses is a video recording course.

Once purchased, it can be permanently watched and learned at any time.

Note: virtual goods cannot be returned or exchanged once purchased.

Previous selection   2021 teachers created a new finished product of Liuyin / Yin Yoga, 12 sets of selected themes, fascia release and meditation, and 13 sets of high-quality courses of whole-body physiotherapy; Focusing on 9 parts, theoretical analysis + teaching intensive lecture + accurate demonstration, 20 sets of “Pilates circle” slimming template courses: integration of lecture and practice, respiratory guidance, application of equipment…

Your characteristic teaching is a good choice! Tell the key points, skills, misunderstandings and auxiliary techniques of Ashtanga’s end posture at one time, systematic introduction and advanced popular – 10 sets of yin-yang balance Yoga boutique courses, healing + refinement, and experience the rhythm changes like 24 solar terms! Official account long time.

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