If you practice SS yoga with firm confidence, you will succeed

  Four immeasurable heart   May all sentient beings always have happiness and happiness, because may all sentient beings always be free from all suffering and all suffering, because may all sentient beings always have the joy of no pain, my heart is happy, and may all sentient beings stay away from greed and anger, live in equality, give up our life, have reality and greed, and create evil karma, which is difficult to correspond with the Tao.

Therefore, at this time, we should practice more guru yoga.

When guru yoga is more perfect, everything is inseparable from the appearance of guru.

We can regard everything as the blessing and manifestation of guru no matter in the mountain, in the city, in the car, in the street, or anywhere.

If we continue to practice in this way, our practice will naturally increase and our life will be very happy.

In front of such practitioners, there will be no magic barrier except the blessing of the guru and the land of knowledge given by him.

However, some people do not know how to practice like this when they stop the guru.

As mentioned above, they think it is a blessing from the guru at a good time.

When they are slightly unhappy, they worry: “is the guru unhappy? Has the guru abandoned me?” they even wonder: “is the guru deliberately cursing me?” a lay I know is like this.

She stops many gurus, But at the same time, I also have many concerns.

I am often afraid that the guru is unhappy.

Later, I enlightened her and said, “master is not a little girl, you don’t have to worry.” she remembered this sentence.

A few years later, she told me that of all the dharmas she had heard from me, this sentence worked best for her.

She had a lot of worries, but when she thought of this sentence, her heart was much more spacious.

  In fact, how can a real guru be jealous, narrow-minded and unhappy? It won’t.

In the past, when I first stopped at the Dharma king, I often felt uneasy: “if I am too close to the guru, will the guru be annoyed? I’d better not go.

But if I don’t go, will the guru think why I haven’t been there?” however, after thinking about it, I also decided that since the guru is the embodiment of various Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, as long as I do my best, the guru will not be so “stingy”.

At that time, I comforted myself and said, “guru is not a little girl.” of course, “little girls” don’t necessarily care about it, but people often say so.

  Therefore, when practicing, try to get rid of these unnecessary concerns.

As long as you regard everything as the manifestation of the guru and practice guru yoga wholeheartedly, your practice will be very successful.

Guru yoga should not only be practiced in sitting, but also be practiced from time to time in daily life.

For example, no matter where you want to go, when you walk, visualize the guru (or the whole conversion state, or the mandala) in the void above your right shoulder as the opposite state of the right circle.

In this way, how far you have gone, each step has become a turning step, and your merit is very great.

Therefore, people with a better level of practice do not necessarily have to close the door and meditate.

Even if they are thinking, doing things, or even walking on the streets of big cities, they can still observe practice.

When sitting in peace, you should visualize the guru in the void above your head (as described above) as the target of prayer.

At this time, you can observe the practice quietly, such as visualizing the guru’s light and blessing; Even when talking to others, you can view your words as the master’s prayers…

In short, no matter what you sit and do, the master always sits on his head.

When enjoying the food, the guru is visualized in the throat as a new place for food.

The key point of visualizing here is to manifest without self.

Not in a practical way, you must visualize a specific part of your throat.

Just think about it respectfully, offer new parts of your throat and diet, and support the guru.

Those who have a little understanding of the birth order of Esoteric Buddhism know that all visualizations should be removed from reality.

There is not a particularly solid thing, “right there”, “what he sits on”…

There is no need to think a lot like this.

In fact, when you observe the guru clearly, no matter whether it is on the top of your head, in your throat or in your heart, guru Lian will appear freely with the sudden change of consciousness.

Because master lianhuasheng is everywhere, he is wherever you look.

It’s just that we don’t visualize.

If we don’t visualize, the guru and his blessings are really far away from us.

Therefore, for any practitioner, the method corresponding to the guru, the Buddha and Bodhisattva is to rely on meditation.

If you can always think and remember, the Buddha and Bodhisattva will live in front of you, bless and protect you all the time, and never leave in a moment.

Otherwise, just read it verbally and never remember or visualize it in your heart.

In addition to planting some good roots, the blessing or understanding you want is very difficult to present.

When lying down, you should visualize the guru in your heart as a reminder of what you know into the bottle.

“Knowing into the bottle” is a great term, which means that all the ten thousand dharmas are integrated into the Aquarius, into the bright point in your heart, and finally into the Dharma world.

At this time, take the master’s view in your heart as the key point of this practice, and sleep in such a realm.

However, you can also view it according to your own situation.

If you think it’s not good to look at the guru in your heart, just look at your head and imagine the guru sitting in the aperture above your head.

As long as we have confidence in Guanyin Bodhisattva, all worldly and worldly wishes can be fulfilled! Hua Zhi Rinpoche also said: the essence of the eighty-four thousand law is the Guanyin mantra.

This time we carry forward the Guanyin heart mantra.

In terms of quantity, there are at least more than five trillion merits, that is to say, if you participate in the joint cultivation of 100 million Guanyin heart mantra, you will get five trillion merits.

And so on.

As the number increases (many people sign up every day), the merits continue to increase.

The number of recitations is at least 100 million times per person within 10 years at the latest, and the time limit for joint practice is 10 years from the date of vow (the upper root is 6 years, the middle root is 8 years, and the lower root is 100 million times at the latest) Registration method: wechat: xiaoxiaoxidi participate in the joint practice of Guanyin heart mantra and 35 Buddha confessions.

Please scan the QR code 100 million Guanyin heart mantra to sign up for the joint practice of QR code Guanyin heart mantra.

Merit recommendation: 1   Gehua Rinpoche urged you to recite the Enlightenment of 100 million Guanyin mantra 2   Guanyin heart mantra merit 3   10 days 100000 times Guanyin heart mantra, do you know its merit? four   Many great virtues will ask everyone: “each of you must recite at least 100 million Guanyin mantra” 5   If you recite the Guanyin mantra, your practice will improve rapidly.

six   Listen to the Guanyin mantra and calm down! seven   Ten merits of practicing Guanyin heart mantra 8   If the Dharma recites and holds the Guanyin mantra, only when the reason is clear can we have firm confidence 9   Guanyin mantra — the best way to solve the problem 10   The magic of practicing Guanyin heart mantra: when you die, you will be free! 02 thirty five Buddha repentance text co cultivation registration time: you can sign up at any time       Quantity: you can read it more than 1, 3, 7 or 21 times a day.

Registration method: xiaoxiaoxidi (wechat) merits and interests: remove the barriers of disobedience, clean karma, bad career, children’s poor academic performance, disobedience to their parents, especially those who have abortion industry, heavy prostitution industry, sickly body and large killing industry.

They should read this article carefully every day (there are many merits and interests, which are briefly described here)…

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