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Keep these 8 good habits, you must practice yoga well!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Self disciplined people will not have bad luck.

Self disciplined yoga practitioners will take yoga as a necessity of their daily life.

What good Yoga habits do self disciplined Yoga people have? 1.

Don’t compare poses in yoga practice, you will find that many senior Jia people can easily concave various poses, but please remember that everyone’s physical condition is different, and yoga is not a difficult pose “contest”.

You just need to do your best in practice and enjoy the process of yoga.


In depth understanding of yoga and daily practice of yoga, it is suggested to dig deeper knowledge of yoga, such as understanding the correct force of each pose and how to put it in the right position and sequence.

This will not only help you avoid injuries, but also help you take Yoga further.


Don’t carry mobile phones.

Many Jiaren will carry mobile phones into the classroom.

In fact, doing so will distract you.

It is recommended to deal with things before preparing for class and let yourself focus more on this class, which can improve your practice effect.


Don’t ignore the rest technique.

Many people don’t do it.

In fact, through more than ten minutes of rest technique, you can relax your body and mind, eliminate fatigue, make your mood comfortable, energetic and balance your energy.

Don’t ignore it! 5.

Don’t eat an hour before yoga.

It’s best not to eat an hour before yoga practice, because eating before class will affect the practice efficiency.

Yoga involves many postures of twisting and flexion.

Eating before class is easy to increase the burden on the intestines and stomach, resulting in dizziness, nausea and so on! 6.

Healthy diet a healthy diet has a great impact on practicing yoga.

Yoga diet advocates staying away from fried food and eating more colorful fresh fruits and vegetables.

In this way, you can not only maintain your health, but also feel that your body becomes light during practice.


When practicing yoga, we must maintain awareness of the body.

Yoga is not simply stretching the body or concave various postures.

Yoga practice lies in full awareness of the body.

Only with awareness can we feel the positive position and sequence of postures.

Raising awareness can not only put your body in the right position and avoid Yoga damage, but also make you progress faster in yoga practice.


Learn to be grateful and share, bring the spirit of yoga into daily life, let yourself always maintain a grateful attitude, and share and spread things that are helpful to others.

For example, if you think this article is good, share it with your Jiaren friends around you! Yoga spirit is not just one hour on the mat, but active in the Yoga spirit for the other 23 hours.

After reading all of them, click to see before you go 👍。.

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