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Full of charm; The energetic yoga pants look natural and unrestrained, showing the charm of fashionable women, exquisite and vivid

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                                    The energetic yoga pants look natural and unrestrained, showing the charm of fashionable women, exquisite and vivid.

Dress matching is a headache for many girls.

Each style has its own matching, but it doesn’t look as good as you think.

What’s the good way to change it? Today I recommend several styles to you.

I’ve always liked the retro straight dress.

The simple white straight dress with the shirt is very fresh and comfortable.

It’s very simple and attractive.

If you are a girl with simple and neutral style, you can use this collocation.

The upper body is matched with a short black sweater and the lower body is matched with black tight shorts.

The whole is black.

The overall feeling is a little neutral.

The upper body is matched with beige or camel sweater and the same camel tight shorts, showing a casual style as a whole.

It has a warm and gentle feeling with white knitted sweater.

This collocation is more suitable for girls with fair skin.

The black knitted skirt is elegant and generous.

It is very suitable for tall girls and can reduce the overall monotony.

It’s best not to wear shorts, otherwise the overall figure ratio will not look very good.

Can shine.

It’s best to keep one color system as a whole.

Don’t mix and match dresses of different colors together, which will lose more color.

It’s very simple.

Do you think this collocation is beautiful? Collocation is to keep it simple, but it also needs some changes.

High waist shorts are very slim in themselves.

They are matched with short skirts in the right position.

The overall matching is a very simple matching, but it looks very simple.

Wide leg pants everyone likes to wear wide leg pants, but girls with thick thighs should avoid wearing wide leg pants and cover them.

I always like this collocation.

The high waist design will expose more skin on the thighs and make the legs slim.

High waist trousers should be worn by everyone.

The overall proportion must be the best, and then the coat should not be too short.

The overall length is lower, and then matching with a pair of pipe pants can show the leg length.

I prefer the following style.

The longer pants seem to be helpless, but the shorts are just good.

I’ve always liked the matching of the lower leg of this kind of wide leg pants with the small leg pants.

It’s just a little shorter than the long pants, which will look waist and cover the flesh.

No matter what style of collocation, we must follow the principle of light up and deep down.

The most important thing in the whole body is one color.

If there are too many colors, it will make the whole look different.

If the whole body is white, other shoes should not be too bright, and too bright will make the whole look very jumping.

Generally speaking, the combination of upper shallow and lower deep will make people feel more comfortable.

If there is a good matching skill, I think the overall effect will be better if the lower leg is exposed a little.

A suitable split black dress will show thinner legs than split high waist pants.

Girls with thick legs will have longer thighs.

If they don’t expose their skin, they will appear very unbalanced.

If their thighs are short, they can show a little.

A pair of white trousers with high waist and holes is best matched with a black short coat.

For girls with thick and short legs, try to avoid wearing shorts, otherwise the thighs will be thicker.

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