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The fashionable and elegant Yoga Pants show the goddess’s moving style, show her figure, look good and versatile

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                     As long as you master the matching color matching skills of yoga pants, women will see it! What do fairies see at first sight through visual recognition? The answer is color! Color matching is almost a basic course of traditional fashion design.

How to match colors to highlight the fit between clothing and people? “Different categories and colors” to form rich color effects! In practice, because of different styles, clothes and fabrics are different.

When the styles change little, simple color matching can form different patterns and patterns! Learning to match colors can help you a lot! Today, Xiaobian will talk to you in detail about how to match different categories and fabric colors.

1、 Pure color plain T-shirts with pattern fabric lower T-shirts, it is easy for us to unconsciously match more bright colors on the premise of color harmony.

The brighter the color, the more likely there is disharmonious color matching.

This is because the texture of matte and smooth fabrics is different, and they are relatively shiny under light conditions.

In the light environment, the fabrics of smooth matte fabrics will obviously appear high saturation.

We should choose the bright colors with gray tone and low brightness with T-shirts, so as not to jump too much.

Use the calm and low-key off white.

Bright yellow, yellow green and black are difficult colors to match.

Choose a small area of black, black gray or black mixed gray.

The matching area of the lower garment should not exceed 3 ~ 5cm as far as possible.

It can also be matched with dark black, which is safer, because black is easy to be disharmonious, the black area is too large, the color is thick, and it is easy to jump color.

It can be brightened on the inside, so that the overall sense of hierarchy is richer, and the upper body will look neat and excessively harmonious.

In this way, it can not only highlight the overall style of clothes, but also have a sense of hierarchy on the lower body.

Beige is matched when the white area is small.

Pants and shoes well transfer the visual focus.

Beige and white match.

When the fabric color is brighter, it reflects the sense of style.

It can be combined with a small amount of pure color or colors with low saturation to avoid robbing the overall color and making the overall style deviate.

2、 Solid color plain T-shirts with bright colored bottoms can form different visual reactions when the solid color T-shirts are matched with different patterns.

Color matching skills can be improved in the case of different patterns.


The pattern has visual impact.

We should choose brighter colors.

Through the color contrast effect, we can improve the brightness of T-shirts, create visual impact, and show the different feelings of clothing fabrics and solid color T-shirts.

At this time, T-shirts are easy to be disharmonious.

If the fabric color is too bright, it is easy to match with disharmonious matching.

In fact, if the fabric color is too bright, it is very easy to match.

The fabric with beautiful pattern color and beige fabric are closer to the visual center.

In addition, when the color of the pattern is exaggerated and there are many patterns, this collocation is suitable.


The pattern printing is relatively three-dimensional, and the plain T-shirt with three-dimensional feeling.

The fabric has texture.

The printed pattern has three-dimensional feeling.

It is better to print three-dimensional large patterns, which looks very textured, and the light feeling is very good…

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