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The personalized yoga pants are full of youth, showing the retro fashion elements and highlighting the grade

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                     There are many kinds of matching yoga pants.

When summer comes, how should people who love matching wear them? No matter whether there is weather or not, we should study collocation hard, starting from the most basic change! The most important thing to wear a skirt is to pay attention to two principles, which will never make mistakes.

One is the change of version.

If you want to wear fashionable and warm clothes, you must first change the version.

Version is the key.

Whether it’s a short skirt or a long skirt, the short skirt should be tight and the long skirt should be loose.

Be sure to pay special attention to the length.

A little on the knee is the best.

Wear a sweater with a short skirt: it looks not only tall, but also elongated.

It is suitable for tall girls.

This sweater fits very well.

No matter it’s short or long, it won’t look short.

Match with long skirt: it is very suitable for people whose legs are not straight, and the long skirt will look slender.

Short skirts are worn as little as possible by people with short heads and non straight legs.

Second, do not repeat the color.

Although they look the same color or the same dark clothes, they have different views.

The same dress often looks very disharmonious, because the repetition of color causes visual conflict.

Don’t repeat the following colors: white, gray, black, purple, blue, red, orange, yellow, green and dark green.

Therefore, when the colors of our lower body and upper body are different from each other, we have a less heavy feeling.

Common sweater colors: dark and light colors complement each other, have a sense of hierarchy, will not appear too heavy, and can easily wear a mix and match style.

But we must pay attention that these colors should not be worn repeatedly: white, black, dark brown, coffee, khaki, khaki green, military green, etc.

Repeated colors won’t look good no matter how you wear them.

There are transitional colors with black and white, and repeated wearing with white clothes, which has a sense of hierarchy.

Red is a good color, dark red and light red, which are harmonious with each other.

Wearing the same dress in red is not too much contrast.

It has a high sense…

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