Li Qin welcomes his 31st birthday and has love interaction with fans. Yoga photos are so beautiful!

Wen / Ju Tong, as a post-90s beauty goddess, Li Qin has a unique influence and radiation in the entertainment industry, so she has always been known as the queen of popularity.

She has participated in many film and television dramas for many years, including Qing Nian, white deer yuan, Qing Nian, Chinese captain, Chinese doctor, flowers bloom in Banxia, etc.

Recently, Li Qin has ushered in his new life, that is, his 31st birthday.

He is a genuine post-90s man.

He is just 31 years old this year.

The ancients said that Li Qin stood in his thirties.

It can be said that Li Qin has fulfilled his childhood promises and dreams and achieved continuous progress in his career.

This can be seen by all fans.

In addition to participating in the performances of some film and television dramas, Li Qin is also one of the invited guests of various variety shows.

She has participated in running, where’s dad going, extreme challenge, ace to ace, etc.

in these variety shows, she also has love interaction with many male gods.

Even occasionally, there were rumors that peach blossoms were blooming.

It seems that her charm index has always been very high.

She has a good friend relationship with Wei daxun, Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, thanks to the very high popularity of Li Qin, which has an inseparable relationship with Li Qin’s modest, cautious and generous character.

Then some people say that Li Qin has such a great popularity, where to start? In fact, from the details of this birthday, we can see some duanni.

On the occasion of this 31st birthday, Li Qin also published a microblog to bless his 31st birthday.

Then those Li Qin fans also had a good interaction with him.

There are love blessings from fans from all over the country.

Although the blessings come from all over the country, and they have different gender, occupation, age and region, they have a common original heart.

They grow up with Li Qin, accompany everyone through those wonderful moments of life, warm themselves and everyone, give roses and leave lingering fragrance in their hands.

Indeed, what is the warmest person, that is, to bring full positive energy to the people around, to give everyone good expectations, and to look forward to the future.

This is probably an important factor for Li Qin’s popularity.

Moreover, there are many ordinary people in the fan group and a little sister studying for a doctor.

It seems that her words and deeds infect everyone, W warms everyone.

Maybe it’s the occasion, or maybe it’s to expose his beautiful mood.

Even when Li Qin is in his thirties, he shows a group of photos with great interest, which are photos of practicing air yoga, including many difficult movements, which are worth appreciating.

It seems that as a goddess, she not only has good acting skills and humor, but also is so grounded and works so hard to keep her figure.

It’s really an example for everyone.

Such a goddess is really worthy of our fans’ love.

What do you think..

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