Liu Yali bow yoga video, Liu Yali stream yoga video tutorial

If you want to control the idle jeans and tight skirts in the wardrobe and be praised as “you have a good figure”, you might as well change your charm with them! Identify the QR code below and have charming peach hips.

After a complete set of practice, you will not only practice the peach hips with round q-play, but also have Qianqian thin waist and thin straight long legs.

See the syllabus that can let you have peach hips! Course features: due to the powerful and tall human body in the west, many yoga movements are not suitable for oriental people to practice.

In addition, everyone’s aesthetics are inconsistent: ● Oriental people like women’s straight and slender long legs, while women in western countries are basically big and thick legs ● Oriental people like to have chest and waist but not thick, The West emphasizes that some muscles should still have the hip beauty technique created by Mr.


The creative concept originates from Chinese traditional culture.

The designed posture is more in line with the operation of Oriental people’s petite body shape, and the effect will be better! A course is only 79 yuan.

It can not only improve small physical problems, but also practice hip raising, long legs and beautiful back.

It’s really not too cost-effective!! The course is a 21 day training plan with two breaks a week to help us transform easily and ensure that we don’t squat and thick legs! When creating hip beautification, considering that everyone has less time, the movements designed by the teacher accurately train the hips, and each class is controlled for about 10 minutes.

It makes it easy for everyone to stick to it.

The time is short and the effect is obvious.

There is no limit to the venue and time.

You don’t have to run to the gym.

The action is still very simple.

You can practice easily with zero foundation! The benefits of hip training can be summarized as follows: 1.

Have charming hips, improve the width of false hips, and the visual height is 10cm; 2.

A4 waist and long legs at the same time; 3.

Enhance the health of uterus and ovary and resist aging; 4.

Swan has beautiful back, charming posture and S-curve; 5.

Improve pelvic anteversion, scoliosis and Fugui bag; If you want to: control the idle jeans and tight skirts in the wardrobe; Being praised is no longer “you’re so nice”, but “you have a nice figure!” the curve is more beautiful and seductive…

It’s better to change your charm with them! The waist and hips are the central axis of the human body.

The central axis is inflexible and stiff up and down! 8 HD video classes, practice every day     10 minutes to witness the birth of peach hips (the course can be permanently saved and replayed at any time) special discount of 79 yuan (original price:   one hundred and ninety-nine   element  ) Co inclusion   eight   Class, each class only needs   nine point eight   The QR code below yuan identification, 51277 people have received the course, and only 43 discounts remain                  Click“.

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