No time to go to the yoga studio? With a set, you can also exercise to the whole body dynamic exercise at home!

Envy other people’s sexy hips,   Slim waist,   Flat abdominal muscles,   Bony back, one meter eight long legs? In fact, you can live like others envy.

Someone said that he was too busy to go to the yoga studio.

Xiaobian broke his heart for this.

He specially found an action that you don’t need any fitness equipment at home.

You can practice anytime and anywhere by using objects at home.

It’s cool from head to foot! Kitchen part ▽ elbow and knee flexion effect: strengthen the strength of both arms and shoulders, eliminate the worship sleeves, keep your feet about one step away from the stool, grasp the edge of the stool with your fingers down, keep your feet the same width as your hips, bend your elbows and hips, sink, straighten your arms, lift your hips and squat up and down.

Effect: strengthen the strength of the core, hips and thighs, tighten the thigh muscles, keep your legs about one leg long apart, and keep your chest up while squatting with your toes outward, The spine extends the knee, the lower leg and the heel are in a straight line living room chapter ▽ bend the knee and squat with the help of the padded stool: this action enhances the strength of the lower limb through balance and stability, helps the thin leg stand in front of the padded stool, the feet are the same width as the shoulders, tightens the core, relaxes the shoulders, raises the chest, puts the right foot back on the soft stool, bends the knee, and the left thigh is parallel to the ground as far as possible, and stands up with the strength of the left leg, Effect of stepping on the opposite side: strengthen leg strength and tighten gluteal muscles.

Step on the stool with your right foot, point the palms of both hands on the ground relative to the toes of your left leg, bend your right knee, straighten your right leg, lift your left leg off the ground, stand on the stool and do opposite side push ups + pre jump + lifting effect:   Lean your arms, strengthen your core strength, support your hands on the stool, do push ups on your toes, jump your feet to squat, raise the stool over your head, put the stool, step back, repeat the bathroom chapter ▽ tiptoe heel, make full use of brushing time, tiptoe heel, close your abdomen, and then slowly fall down to strengthen the strength at the back of your lower legs.

Want to practice push ups more.

Use the washstand, and your hands are wider than your shoulders, Inhale with the heel off the ground, bend the elbow downward, activate the core exhalation and push it to the standing position bedroom chapter ▽ core exercise, lie on your back on the bed and bend your knees,   Hold the pillow with both hands, inhale, raise both arms upward, sit up and exhale at the same time, and lie down backward in a controlled way.

Bridge effect: it helps to tighten the hips and thighs, strengthen the core, lie on the back and bend the knees, put both hands on the side of the body, palm down, shoulders away from both ears, inhale and lift the hips upward, try to let the spine leave the bed one by one, exhale, and the back slowly fall back to the bed to practice a good figure, From now on, don’t lose time and achieve yourself! Welcome to share with your good friends! Fanmao Yoga mall Fanmao Yoga   Welcome to share the teacher’s wechat leader.

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