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Many people will make the fourth of the 10 common questions in yoga practice!

In the process of yoga practice, we always encounter all kinds of questions, including problems in asana and breathing.

How should we solve all kinds of questions? Today, I have selected 10 questions that I have encountered most in yoga practice to answer one by one! 01 what kind of yoga is best for shaping? As for the shaping effect, it’s none other than Ashtanga, flow yoga and strength yoga.

However, Xiaobian believes that many yoga have shaping effect.

For details, please refer to the article published earlier:   I believe I can give you the answer! 02 during practice, breathing is always easy.

Disorderly breathing can be said to be the soul of yoga, but for beginners, they often can’t keep up with the teacher’s command.

At this time, remember a principle: keep their comfortable breathing rate.

If they can’t keep up with the command, adjust themselves.

Don’t force yourself.

03 when sitting and standing, the back is always not straight.

When many Jia people are in simple sitting or sitting mountain pose, the back is always difficult to be straight, which has a great relationship with core and back muscle weakness.

The solution is to strengthen the practice of core and back strength at ordinary times, step by step, and naturally sit straight when the muscles are strong.

04 when the arm is lifted up, it is easy to shrug and protrude the ribs.

This problem is largely caused by the weakness of the middle and lower trapezius muscles and latissimus dorsi of the back.

The weakness of these muscles will lead to the easy upward movement of the upper trapezius muscle, resulting in shrugging.

Solution: during practice, consciously tighten the ribs, relax the upper trapezius muscle, and strengthen the middle and lower trapezius muscle and latissimus dorsi muscle.

05 it is easy to hurt the wrist when practicing supporting posture.

Many practitioners will always hurt the wrist when practicing inclined plank, cat cow, tiger and other movements that require the palm to fall to the ground.

In fact, the solution is to start the core as much as possible, tighten the arm, open the ten fingers forcefully and force the tiger’s mouth.

06 when practicing balance postures, many people are always unstable.

First, adjust your breathing.

Second: start the foot arch with the standing leg and tighten the front of the thigh.

Third: stay focused and find the staring point.

07 the elbows and knees are easy to stretch out, and the elbows and knees are always stretched out, which is also the place with the most problems.

When practicing the supporting posture, you can properly rotate the arms inward, make the elbows and eyes relative, and start the shoulder, back and core strength.

Pay attention to proper slight flexion of the knee joint and tighten the front and rear thigh muscles.

08 as soon as you practice squatting posture, your knees are easy to hurt.

For many Jia people who have pain in their knees as soon as you practice squatting posture, we suggest to find a teacher to evaluate them first.

If the movement mode is wrong, correct the movement mode as soon as possible.

If there is a problem with the knee, it is recommended to strengthen the gluteal and thigh muscles to help protect the knee.

09 can people with lumbar disc herniation practice yoga? People with lumbar disc herniation try to avoid practicing forward flexion and torsion postures.

It is recommended to strengthen the strength of core and back muscles.

If conditions permit, try to find a professional yoga teacher for one-on-one practice.

If there are no conditions, try to ask the teacher as much as possible.

What if you can’t do the difficult pose? To practice yoga, you don’t have to practice difficult asanas.

Doing simple yoga movements repeatedly is actually the best maintenance for your body.

If you want to advance difficult asanas, you might as well start by seriously practicing each basic asana! On the way to yoga, you will encounter all kinds of problems, but you must solve them in time.

Yoga is not just exercise.

It is more like a dialogue with your heart.

It is a sublimation of thinking, which makes you more charming and temperament! ▼ teacher wechat ▼▼▼ select yoga products in the lower left corner of the recent good lessons and good things recommendation point..

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