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Yoga 1 action, standing well can improve the body shape!

Mountain Tadasana, let’s stand and correct our figure! Mountain pose is the basis and starting point of all standing three-dimensional poses.

It looks simple, but in fact it is infinitely complex.

It is also very beneficial to practice it alone.

Adjust and improve the bending and hunchback to help improve the posture.

Benefits of mountain style 1.

Improve body shape 2.

Close your eyes to practice and increase your sense of balance 3.

Reduce sciatica 4.

Reduce flat feet 5.

Strengthen ankles, knees and thighs; Strengthen the core and buttocks.


Ease anxiety and make people feel happy.

Mountain steps: 1.

Stand with big toes close, heels slightly separated, lift the heels to extend the sole skin, then lift the toes, shift the center of gravity to the heels, and evenly distribute the body weight on the feet; 2.

Tighten the thigh muscles, lift the kneecap, push the front side of the leg back, sink the tailbone, and the knee is directly above the ankle; 3.

Straighten the spine, lift the top of the sternum upward to the ceiling, push the outside of the shoulder backward, the shoulder blades downward, straighten the arms down along both sides of the body, and the palms are opposite or forward; 4.

Keep the neck and head straight and look ahead.

Sagittal plane: a straight line from the middle of 2 and 3 toes to the kneecap to the iliac bone, and coronal plane: a straight line from the ankle, the outside of the knee, the outside of the hip, the acromion and the top of the ear.

Mountain style variant: 1.

The arms are extended upward, the inner side of the big arm is close to the ears, and the palms are opposite.


Cross your fingers, extend your arms forward, push your palms outward, and then extend your arms upward to the top of your head.


Put your arms around each other’s elbows behind your back, and then put the opposite arm on the.

Auxiliary practice methods: 1.

With the help of yoga bricks, auxiliary practice: leaning against the wall mountain, with bricks between legs.



With the help of ground assisted practice, pedal on the wall and supine mountain pose.


Assisted practice with stretching belt 4.

Assisted practice with yoga brick and stretching belt mountain pose a pose that can exercise the muscles of the whole body.

The key is that it’s so simple.

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