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Men’s favorite: light jacket with tight yoga pants, color contrast geometric decoration, fresh and capable, this is fashion

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You can have a good look when you are happy.

         Will give up this relationship.

The upper and lower body also looks very uniform.

A single weakness.

Let yourself show.

Want to rekindle old love.

It’s too dark.

It also comes with an ol sense of professionalism.

It’s good to look young! 3.

Shirt + floral skirt.

Become quite insecure.

It’s because of this confidence.

More overbearing.

He is as selfless as Bao Zheng.

More yearning for the kind of love that ends with white hair at first sight.

So it’s very painful after separation.

Basic sweater + various printed skirts.

Meticulous attitude.

It is an indispensable fashion item in spring.

As long as the other party is a little good.

Prove that you have no disadvantage in gender.

It was their poor life.

Will love more.

Give yourself a warm hug.

Lead to the end of the injury.

That’s because in their cognition.

Geometric patterns are also widely used in our clothing.

Geometric patterns will appear in both the printing of the body and the shape and pattern of some ornaments.

The decoration of geometric patterns is very strong.

Their regular edges and corners give people a very personalized beauty.

                       You can choose plain color or printing.

The other person may feel that an Aries person is careless.

But their minds are hard to handle.

To make them as poor as Mount Tai.

It can avoid the feeling of bloated body.

Although they know how to divert attention.

This is also a collocation that we often use.

It will break clean.

Naturally, it will impress others.

Don’t apologize yet.

There are very few.


The pleated skirt made of velvet has a mature and elegant temperament.

The more you can see their tender side.

In fact, they are also women after all.

It looks difficult to get along with.

And they don’t like to take the initiative to integrate into the crowd.

That unforgettable love.

Simply from their aura.

It’s OK to wear sandals in warm weather.

This penetrating and shrewd precocity also makes it difficult for Leo to enjoy the happiness brought by age.

He often suffers from depression incompatible with his age.

Can outline the feminine curve.


Sweater + suspender skirt sweater and suspender skirt are also a very fashionable match.

He is clean.

Become quite insecure.

Basically, all body defects can be covered.

Also left with the snow.

Dark eye shadow.

That can only say you’re delusional.

You can also choose a slightly thicker long windbreaker coat.

Gray sweater + green skirt + white sneakers.

Or if it’s still cold.

Maybe to show your ability.

Also because of curiosity.

Can’t cross.

This trouble probably lies in Scorpio’s love.

Reasonable things can be said to be unreasonable.

People feel relaxed and comfortable in their speech and behavior.

Gemini is a combination of devil and angel.

But the inner uneasiness.

You can also choose a slightly thicker long windbreaker coat.

Today’s dress is related to geometric patterns.

I want to see some overall color matching.

The top is a gentle beige background, and the lower body is a gray yoga pants.

The color of the shoes is the same as the bottom color of the coat, so it looks very harmonious.

No, it’s abrupt.

The geometric decorative patterns of the upper body are complex and diverse.

Very chic and personalized.

Including the color of the purple short belt satchel and the color of the coat reflect each other, so there is nothing inappropriate to put these seemingly abrupt colors together.

Conversely, it can also be said that people with high IQ.

They feel they owe each other.

Their pride and confidence disappeared.

And super good temper and super communication skills.

Very fashionable combination of age reduction..

Obviously, the two are not interdependent.

But once they get serious.

Never care about other people’s evaluation.

Check each other’s psychology at any time.

It’s probably going to happen again.

Because even after breaking up.

Will give up this relationship.

So you can’t go wrong with it.

This is also a collocation that we often use.

Let it be.

And exposed a large area of instep.

And will overthrow their own truth.

It’s really like a lady.

Basically, all body defects can be covered.

Most people should think so.

Show endless tenderness in front of your lover.

They are too persistent.

Except for fresh appearance.

Maybe I can’t forget you.

Contribute a heart of trust.

But if they don’t want to move.

It may take a long, long time to forget them..

Is Capricorn really like this? The answer is No.

The more invincible.

And in fact.

This is also a collocation that we often use.

The silk pleated skirt has a romantic girlish temperament.

That anything that can hurt them.

Even need protection.

Therefore, it is for such kind of existence.

In fact, it is because of Pisces’ inner strength.

They will immediately choose to break up.

Without the slightest hesitation.

Because procrastination only gives itself.

It’s about the heart.

Like some people.

What weaknesses can be found in them.

But to be honest.

They just don’t want to expose themselves.

But for a constellation.

Coat is a very soft and breathable sweater.

A large number of color triangle patterns are added to the upper body.

The color contrast patterns seem messy but regular.

The design of small round neck has also been mentioned before, which is somewhat like a short neck and a sense of depression.

                               Will break the original image of a girl.

The ability of turning hands over clouds and covering hands with rain is very strong.

No matter what you do, Leo is like a leading brother to lead people to tomorrow.

They always act strong.

Even the invincible side is hidden.

From the visual and hand feel, it still stays in winter.

Naturally, it will impress others.

They look very strong.

So they unconsciously fall into the powerful category.

The exact opposite of who you really are.

So that is to say.

How the opposite sex likes it.

But it’s always amazing.

Not only do things in good order.

Always thinking that one day I can get back together.

In fact, becoming friends is a good choice.

Don’t want to delay me.

Sheng Sheng carries all this.

Actually very considerate.

Simple light makeup will be more appropriate.

If you put on a very strong makeup.

However, it doesn’t matter for girls who are Swan necks.

They look good in any collar clothes.

However, if their neck length is not good enough, try to avoid such close fitting clothes with small sub round necks.

This is also a collocation that we often use.

No one can predict their emotions.

Matching with sweater is both classic and fashionable.

Caramel is still the main popular color.

They are still girls after all.


They have been.

He is rather impatient.

After all.

It also comes with an ol sense of professionalism.

Belong to the four constellations of external strength and internal strength.

A long black dress with shoes of other colors.

A simple, charming and lovely “villain” character.

Most will choose to walk away from each other.

They have already seen through the human feelings in the world and intrigued each other.

They can only chatter in front of acquaintances.

Or it’s doomed.


Whether it’s reasonable or not.

So many times.

It’s too dark..

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