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Natural and unrestrained yoga pants are more casual and comfortable to wear, with personality and temperament coexisting, beautiful and

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                     Yoga pants? Nothing is more gentle than yoga pants! As long as you choose the right style of yoga pants and match them well, you can wear refreshing even for body shaping! Material 1.

Yoga pants with the feeling of non-woven fabric use less splicing fabrics with materials such as cotton and linen.

On the one hand, the material is not easy to deform, and on the other hand, the cost is not high, light, breathable, natural and comfortable.

The style of yoga pants should be integrated with their own skin color.

If their skin color is dark, yellow and red, they should choose more light color systems.

Because of such skin color, try to choose less color systems with large color difference with their own skin color.

Instead of spending a lot of effort on color matching, it is better to choose a fabric similar to their skin color.

The fabric difference between the two colors of yoga pants should not be too much.

For example, if one piece uses linen color and one piece uses gray at the same time, it will not look so natural! 2.

Washed cotton yoga pants are actually my favorite.

The fabrics are generally fabrics with very good moisture absorption, which are more comfortable and breathable.

Moreover, for people with particularly thin body, washed cotton yoga pants can hold up and look plump as long as the skirt is longer, even people with very thin body, but try not to exceed half the waist! 3.

Chiffon yoga pants are a good substitute for yoga pants in cool seasons.

Especially those with big breasts wear Chiffon yoga pants, which are very gentle and wear a feeling of small jasper.

However, chiffon fabrics are also divided into three seasons: spring, summer and autumn.

If you wear them in autumn, try not to choose Chiffon yoga pants in spring and summer.

If they are spring and summer, it is recommended that you choose Chiffon yoga pants in spring or autumn, because it is easy for you to look hot in summer, but Chiffon yoga pants can wear clean and refreshing feeling.

Some matching tools will be introduced below! With the matching method of yoga pants, people with different styles must have different feelings in the visual effect.


Grey, black and white yoga pants have the effect of depressing the overall shape in the overall shape.

Gray yoga pants are more elegant and visually more comfortable; Black yoga pants are more versatile.

In terms of color selection, black is more neutral and common.

There are usually two deep and light color systems: black and black; White yoga pants are relatively bright.

For those with yellow skin or non white skin, don’t try it easily.


Yoga pants with waist often have more concave convex effect.

For example, simple cowboy wide leg yoga pants, which have a certain length in the field of wide leg pants, such as slightly more than one or two centimeters above the knee, have a certain effect of setting off the body.


The short yoga pants are mainly matched with jeans or shorts at the ankles in the overall shape, which are very good-looking.

Shorts should not be too tight or too long, otherwise the shape will look special.

The length will also affect the effect of the overall shape.

I like jeans.


Small people tend to be more relaxed when choosing yoga pants.

This is an important tool to make short line skirts wear long legs.

I hope these methods can help me.

These methods are also the matching methods I choose according to my strengths.

I hope I can look more comfortable and foreign…

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