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Comfortable and intimate yoga pants are not publicized at all, and they are beautiful in their own style

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                     Is yoga pants only worn alone? With the continuous advancement of fashion trends, there are more and more routines for matching yoga pants.

Today, let’s talk about the matching of yoga pants.

This year, several major video media released the sketches of new products of women’s clothing brands of major brands in spring and summer 2019, telling us that for all women’s clothing brands, the 2020 spring and summer styles are the best-selling models of major brands this year.

Then, which one is your favorite product? Let’s take a look at the marketing routine of each brand.

As long as you understand this routine, you will be the next forwarding king! What are the pieces on the sketch? Armani spring and summer 2019 series as early as last year, Armani has integrated the vintage style into the new theme of spring and summer 2019 series.

Armani, which has always been fashionable and pragmatic, and yoga pants have also joined the retro trend.

All familiar brands, such as Gucci and LV, also vigorously reproduce the antique style from 1920 to 1940.

Armani designer brunomartinez, as the first designer of Armani, will also add an eravintage erawear yoga pants to the armaniair wing series in the near future.

Each piece is a classic and eternal historical combination.

The memories contained in these artistic and cultural relations will recreate a classic style with these retro elements of women’s clothing.

Through the abstract transmission of classics, it finally returns to the contemporary era.

Erajare has become a retro erawear, hoping that people can regain their youth.

Valentino spring / summer 2019 I still remember that before the release of Valentino spring / summer 2019 advertising film last year, many press officers predicted that Valentino would most likely launch the iconic 12 zodiac era vintage style of spring / summer 2019 series – “forward”.

In the spring and summer series of 2019, they also carry out the retro style to the end.

First, reproduce the Chinese Zodiac era in 2019, and then bring forth the new in 2019 and 2019, including the elements of age continuation such as knitted fabrics and pattern design.

More retro feeling will return to a certain historical period through fabric, webbing, webbing connection and other designs.

Maybe it will really create a famous plate for thousands of years! Louis Vuitton 2020 spring and summer Louis Vuitton sold women’s clothes of the 2020 spring and summer series at the flagship store of tomatoescoventry in Paris on May 10, 2018, focusing on retro and thinking about future design.

Red, yellow and green are the biggest color highlights of this series, and the two tones are the essential main colors.

Opposition, subtlety, dynamics and gloom are the most prominent impressions.

They are retro and avant-garde.

The most obvious color should be black.

To tell the truth, when I saw this sentence, it was probably the most suitable dress recommended to children in 2019! The Louis Vuitton surrounded by wave points is elegant everywhere.

This season’s advertising films are likely to integrate paper-cut elements, which is to revisit the details of the first designer.

The plain metal color gradually increases, which is similar to the retro style of Burberry, vans and other brands, but pays more attention to the original flavor.

Once you get tired of it, it is easy to be eliminated.

The leader of the cutting-edge fashion trend pays full tribute to advanced customization…

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