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Pain! A woman’s leg was broken by a coach in yoga class! Store response

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In the past month, Ms.

Wang in Hefei, Anhui Province has suffered a lot.

A month ago, my first private yoga class was broken by my teacher.

In August this year, Ms.

Wang spent 7600 yuan to enroll in a 1-to-2 private yoga class, with a total of 20 classes.

On August 27, in the yoga studio, because the yoga practice was not in place, the coach came forward to help press his legs, but there was a crisp sound.

After being rushed to the hospital, the hospital diagnosed as: Ms.

Wang’s left femoral shaft comminuted fracture, comminuted and obvious displacement; Surgery is also needed.

In this way, Ms.

Wang was treated in the hospital for 16 days.

After she was discharged from the hospital, she was unable to take action.

She was very worried.

On the one hand, she had a long recovery period and on the other hand, she still had work to deal with.

What bothered her even more was that the attitude of the store owner was unacceptable to her.


Wang told reporters that after providing 50000 yuan of compensation, the other party said that it would no longer compensate.

If Ms.

Wang has other demands, she can sue by law.

On this matter, the reporter repeatedly tried to contact private education teacher Li, but after dialing the phone, it showed that no one was connected for the time being.


Tian, head of the yoga room, told reporters that at present, the two sides have decided to take legal measures to solve the matter.

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