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Precise stretching is very important when practicing yoga at home! Share 35 anatomical drawings of muscle stretching (collection level)

For beginners of yoga, they don’t know much about human anatomy when they first practice yoga.

Then, when they practice yoga, they don’t know which parts of the body they practice postures and stretch.

Today, I’d like to share 5 sets of yoga pose stretching sequences with 35 muscle anatomy diagrams.

Yoga beginners can clearly see these poses and where they stretch to the body, so as to practice yoga more accurately and improve the practice effect! 1st Set   Overall stretching sequence muscle anatomy 1.

Main stretching parts of sitting angle type: adductor group on the inner side of thigh 2.

Main stretching parts of divine monkey type: rear side of front leg, iliopsoas muscle and front side of rear leg 3.

Main stretching parts of riding variant: front side of thigh, iliopsoas muscle 4.

Main stretching parts of squatting type: gluteus muscle 5.

Main stretching parts of single leg back extension: rear side of legs 6 Warrior type 1 Main stretching parts: hips, groins and muscles behind legs 7.

Single leg exhaust type main stretching parts: hips 8.

Exhaust type passive stretching parts: hips 9.

Sitting and standing forward flexion main stretching parts: back of legs 10.

Beam angle type main stretching parts: inner thigh 11.

Lying frog main stretching parts: hips, inner thigh 12.

Supine rising leg (single leg) Passive stretching part: hip, back of legs 13, prone knee bending passive stretching part: front of thigh 14, camel style main stretching part: front of legs, abdomen, chest 15, supine spine torsion main stretching part: hip, iliopsoas muscle 16, hero forward bending main stretching part: side waist, extend the second set of spine   Overall stretching sequence muscle anatomy 1.

Neck stretching: Main stretching muscles: anterior cervical muscle, sternocleidomastoid muscle 2.

Neck lateral bending: Main stretching muscles: sternocleidomastoid muscle and upper trapezius muscle 3.

Infant type: latissimus dorsi muscle 4.

Camel type: Main stretching muscles: abdominal muscle group, anterior thigh and pectoral muscle   5.

Stretch the chest muscles against the wall.

The main stretching muscles are pectoralis major and pectoralis minor.


Wide angle stretching muscles: adductors on the inner thigh, hamstrings.


Side shoulder stretching muscles: deltoid hind bundle.


Standing neck stretching muscles: trapezius, rhomboid and back neck muscles   9.

Triangle involves muscles: stretch the inner side of the leg, internal and external oblique muscles of the abdomen.


Under the wall dog mainly stretches muscles: pectoralis major   11.

Supine spinal torsion mainly stretches the muscles: hip and internal and external oblique muscles   12.

Standing lateral bending mainly stretches the muscles: internal and external oblique muscles   13.

Simple single leg forward flexion mainly stretches the muscles: hamstrings, gastrocnemius 14, butterfly mainly stretches the muscles: inner thigh adductor Group 15, baby hugging mainly stretches the muscles: hip group 16, sitting pigeon mainly stretches the muscles: tibial anterior muscle and hip group   17.

Sitting forward flexion mainly stretches the muscles: the back of both legs   18.

Sprint mainly stretches the muscles: the front of the thigh and the third set of iliopsoas muscles   Muscle anatomy of arm stretching sequence from the above figure, we can clearly see how the muscles stretch when the arm is lifting, extending back, external rotation, internal rotation, bending and extension.

4th Set   Muscle anatomy of trunk stretching sequence from the above figure, we can clearly see how our chest, shoulders and abdomen are stretched and extended in different yoga poses.

Set 5   In the above figure, we can clearly see that the legs stretch effectively in yoga standing, sitting, supine, supine and other postures.

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