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If you practice yoga well, just look at the expression on your face

Do you practice yoga well? Just look at the expression on your face.

Have you noticed your expression when practicing in the yoga studio? Is it so calm as water? Or such a grin? I hope everyone is the second kind, because the expression during practice can also reflect your state of mind from the side, and everyone who knows it knows it! For example, the ferocious expression on the yoga teacher’s face of “stick to five more breaths and one group you can” starts to get nervous.

At this time, the teacher will say, “relax your facial expression and make the corners of your mouth rise slightly.” you may not understand why you have to manage your expression when practicing yoga? Because facial expression is the mirror of your inner world, a person’s expression is a true portrayal of his inner activities.

You can see the rhythm of the mind through appearance.

If you want to understand the root of interaction, expression is the display that transmits this information.

Smiling is not only an expression, but also a positive and optimistic attitude.

Smiling will bring lightness and upward to the body.

When you relax your teeth and face, your brain and whole body will relax, and your muscles will not be so tight.

On the contrary, when your eyebrows are locked, your teeth are clenched, and your facial features are knotting, your body will be knotting.

In the next class, you can try to take some time to pay attention to the expressions and feel the mood changes brought by the two expressions ▼ the teacher’s wechat ▼▼ the recommended points for good classes and good things in the near future are selected yoga products in the lower left corner..

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