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Yoga, this kind of people “not suitable” open shoulder open chest, beginners should pay special attention!

When we practice yoga, we often do a lot of shoulder opening thoracic vertebrae stretching to adjust the round shoulder hunchback, or complete the backward bending in yoga.

Of course, such exercises are good, especially for people with excessive thoracic flexion and round shoulders.

But in real life, in addition to these people, there are a large group of people who are often ignored.

They seem to be very straight and have a good posture, but in fact, their thoracic vertebrae have been over stretched, even flat back; At this time, such people need to do less shoulder extension and more thoracic flexion, especially beginners and many yoga people who over practice backward bending.

Possible problems caused by reduced and straightened thoracic spine curvature and flat back: decreased spine cushioning capacity, rib valgus, change of diaphragm function, depression in the middle of shoulder blades, and pseudo pterygoid shoulder blades are prone to chest tightness, palpitation and shortness of breath.

Therefore, beginners should practice Yoga not only to open their shoulders and open their chest, but also to practice thoracic spine flexion and rotation.

After doing a lot of back bending, be sure to do some flexion and balance.

2 simple actions + back breathing can effectively improve the flat back action 1: kneel at four corners on the cushion surface, exhale perpendicular to the cushion surface of the arm and thigh, rotate the pelvis backward, roll the arch back section by section of the thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae and cervical vertebrae, lower the head, inhale deeply, inhale to the highest point of the back as far as possible, exhale and relax, continue to maintain the arch back state, and pay attention to each inhalation, Bring the gas to the back and feel the whole back become fuller.

Repeat breathing for 10-20 times.

If possible, keep the knee off the ground, keep the spine in C shape, and then do 10-20 times of breathing or crawling back and forth.

2: sit and stand on the chair, keep the thighs parallel to the ground, exhale, nod, and lead the thoracic vertebrae to bend down one by one, Lie prone on the foam shaft or ball to maintain the thoracic spine flexion, the entire spine is C inspiratory, feeling the back becomes more full of gas, the back, the chest upward to the sides open breath, relax, repeat exercise 10-20 times, if there are yoga balls, you can also climb on the yoga ball practice, WeChat teacher, good luck, good things and good things, choose the yoga products at the lower left corner..

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