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She has persisted in yoga for 10 years. She has become a fan of age and invincible figure!

If I don’t say, can you believe that this little yoga sister has given birth to two babies and is nearly 50 years old this year? Until I saw these two photos, I reluctantly believed that today, I want to introduce a little yoga sister on INS Katy@the_ exit_ After 10 years of strategy yoga, she is really fascinated by her age and invincible figure.

It’s not too beautiful.

The girl with big legs, waist and buttocks looks at most 30 years old.

However, what’s more incredible is that Katy was once an IT Engineer with a doctor’s degree.

The reason why she began to practice yoga is because of her work, Katy said: I felt my body was mine and I had to do something…

So she quit her job and began to practice yoga, but what Katy didn’t expect was that once she practiced yoga, she was crazy and couldn’t stop every day.

The 10 years of Yoga not only improved her physical condition, but also made her figure better and better, She became more and more charming and opened her open life.

She met Mr.

Right of her life, practiced yoga together, showed love together, and gave birth to two lovely children.

You practiced yoga with me, I grew up with you.

Yoga mom took Baby Vs Dad took baby to heart.

Practicing yoga with her grown daughter is a proper sister.

Now Katy has also become a yoga teacher.

She often shares her yoga experience and dry goods on ins and is deeply loved by fans.

Katy said: I know it’s really difficult to adhere to yoga, because I’ve encountered all the situations in the past ten years, There are too many uncertainties in life, but if you can, please insist.

Yes, to practice yoga, the most difficult thing is not to open the yoga mat and stand on it, but to insist on being free from external interference for ten years.

When you start yoga, your age will stop at what time.

It’s not just talking.

Katy did it and got it.

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