On the same birthday, Andy Lau spoiled powder, Li Qin challenged air yoga, and Li Yapeng publicized his Academy

Introduction new gold medal entertainment observers know that today is September 27.

This day is very special.

Many stars celebrate their birthdays today.

Li Qin, Liu Dehua and Li Yapeng were all born on this day.

Their way of celebration is also very special.

Some specialize in pet powder, some go to fitness, and some celebrate their own Academy.

Teacher Li Qin is very busy these two days.

The day before, her picture was exposed.

Netizens praised passers-by.

Under the lens, Li Qin is also so beautiful.

Today, Li Qin celebrates his birthday with labor and specializes in challenging difficult yoga movements.

Look at her dancing in the air.

She can’t get it without three or five years of training.

Teacher Li Qin wrote: “in our study, work and life, we should strive to shine.

Constantly challenge ourselves and let time witness better us.” are you excited to see such a goddess of positive energy? The second one is about teacher Andy Lau.

Andy Lau is 60 years old.

Andy Lau chose to spend his 60th birthday with his fans.

He dedicated himself to singing several songs, including the most classic “forgetting water” and “the moon represents my heart”.

He can play high notes.

Although Andy Lau is 60 years old, he has no idea of retirement.

He has been working hard and conscientiously.

Seeing the idol struggling so hard, are you all right to lie flat? Mr.

Li Yapeng has experienced some ups and downs over the years, but he is a tough man and has survived.

This birthday is of great significance to Li Yapeng.

He wrote such a text: in the year of knowing his destiny, he knew his destiny, and everything was just right.

A 20-year life exploration and share with you.

Thank everyone on the journey! And bless everyone can find their own direction in life, and everyone can live the way they want.

Of course, Li Yapeng has not forgotten his career.

As the initiator, Li Yapeng established baihujian rural public welfare Academy.

This time, he did not forget to celebrate the Academy’s birthday.

I have to say that Li Yapeng really has a heart.

The establishment of rural public welfare academies can promote the construction of rural civilization by using the profound nutrients of excellent traditional culture and realize the beautiful rural picture of being kind to neighbors.


Li Yapeng is now returning to traditional life.

The beauty of the countryside in the video is not inferior to Li Ziqi.

I don’t know what new breakthroughs Li Yapeng will make in the future.

I wish him all the best…

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